On Well-doing گفتار اندر احسان با نیک و بد

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

On the purse-mouth of charity, tie not a knot!
Calling this, fraud and folly, and that, tricks and plot
  گره بر سر بند احسان مزن
که این زرق و شیدست و آن مکر و فن
The religious expounder makes injury spread,
Who barters his knowledge and culture for bread
زیان میکند مرد تفسیردان
که علم و ادب میفروشد به نان
How can wisdom with law give decision, indeed!
When a man who is wise, to the world sells the creed?
کجا عقل یا شرع فتوی دهد
که اهل خرد دین به دنیا دهد؟
And yet you should purchase, for he who is wise,
From those who sell cheap, with avidity buys
ولیکن تو بستان که صاحب خرد
از ارزان فروشان به رغبت خرد


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