Story OF PATIENCE UNDER OPPRESSION حکایت در صبر بر جفای آن که از او صبر نتوان کرد

Story OF PATIENCE UNDER OPPRESSION حکایت در صبر بر جفای آن که از او صبر نتوان کرد

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A young, recent bride to her old father ran
And to tell of his son-in-law’s harshness, began:
“The oppression is such, while this boy I obey,
That my sweet life, in bitterness, passes away.  
  شکایت کند نوعروسی جوان
به پیری ز داماد نامهربان
که مپسند چندین که با این پسر
به تلخی رود روزگارم بسر
The people who near me reside, in this part,
I see not, like me, much afflicted in heart.
Men and women, together, so loving are found —,
Two brains in one skin, you would say, had been bound  
کسانی که با ما در این منزلند
نبینم که چون من پریشان دلند
زن و مرد با هم چنان دوستند
که گویی دو مغز و یکی پوستند
I’ve not seen that my husband has, during this space,
For once, condescended to smile in my face “.
This oration was heard by the good omened sage —
An eloquent man was the man of old age —  
ندیدم در این مدت از شوی من
که باری بخندید در روی من
شنید این سخن پیر فرخنده فال
سخندان بود مرد دیرینه سال
How like an old man was his answer, so fair!
“If he’s handsome, endeavour his burden to bear!
It is sad to avert from a person your face,
For you mayn’t get another as good, in his place.
یکی پاسخش داد شیرین و خوش
که گر خوبروی است بارش بکش
دریغ است روی از کسی تافتن
که دیگر نشاید چنو یافتن
Why against him rebel? should he cease to love, then
He will draw through your lines of existence, the pen.  
چرا سرکشی زان که گر سرکشد
به حرف وجودت قلم درکشد؟  
With the orders of God, slave-like, satisfied be!
For a lord like to him, you will not again see “.
Once my heart, on account of a slave, suffered pain,
Who, when sold by his master, remarked, in this strain:
یکم روز بر بندهای دل بسوخت
که میگفت و فرماندهش میفروخت
“Slaves better than I am will fall to your lot;
But a master like you will not eas’ly be got.”
تو را بنده از من به افتد بسی
مرا چون تو دیگر نیفتد کسی


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