Story about evil speaking گفتار اندر غیبت و خللهایی که از وی صادر شود

Story about evil speaking گفتار اندر غیبت و خللهایی که از وی صادر شود

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Regarding a man who is good or is bad,
Do not speak any evil! oh sensible lad!
For you make a bad man your own foe, to begin,
And if he be good, you commit a great sin!
بد اندر حق مردم نیک و بد
مگوی ای جوانمرد صاحبت خرد
که بد مرد را خصم خود میکنی
وگر نیکمردست بد میکنی
Whoever informs you that so and so’s vile,
You may safely infer is himself bad, the while.
For, so and so’s acts he feels bound to disclose,
And from this wicked action his backbiting shows.
تو را هر که گوید فلان کس بدست
چنان دان که در پوستین خودست
که فعل فلان را بباید بیان
وز این فعل بد می‌برآید عیان
When you speak ill of men, in expressing your view,
You do wrong even if you should state what is true!
به بد گفتن خلق چون دم زدی
اگر راست گویی سخن هم بدی
The sayings of men, through their manliness, hear!
To Sadi or Saharward? do not give ear!
زبان کرد شخصی به غیبت دراز
بدو گفت داننده‌ای سرفراز
My enlightened old tutor, Sahdb, to me gave
Two bits of advice, on the face of the wave!
The first was, “Conceited of self do not be! ”
The second was, “Evil in others, don’t see! ”
In slandering, a man let his tongue freely go;
A distinguished philosopher spoke to him, so:
“Those you mention to me, don’t with vileness connect!
Regarding yourself, do not mal’e me suspect!
That his dignity suffered abatement, I own;
Thereby, to your honour no increase is shown.”
که یاد کسان پیش من بد مکن
مرا بدگمان در حق خود مکن
گرفتم ز تمکین او کم ببود
نخواهد به جاه تو اندر فزود


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