Admonition and Advice موعظه و تنبیه

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Have you knowledge regarding your cage made of bone?
For your life is a bird; as the spirit, ’tis known.
When a bird leaves its cage and confinement alive,
It will not be captive again, though you strive.
خبر داری ای استخوانی قفس
که جان تو مرغی است نامش نفس؟
چو مرغ از قفس رفت و بگسست قید
دگر ره نگردد به سعی تو صید
For a moment’s the world, opportunity prize!
A moment’s preferred to the world by the wise.
Alexander, who held the whole world in his sway,
At the moment he died could not bear it away;
نگه دار فرصت که عالم دمی است
دمی پیش دانا به از عالمی است
سکندر که بر عالمی حکم داشت
در آن دم که بگذشت و عالم گذاشت
It was not allowed that his world they should seize,
And grant him instead one short moment of ease.
They have gone ! What each sowed he will reap just the same;
Nought remains now, excepting a good and bad name.
میسر نبودش کز او عالمی
ستانند و مهلت دهندش دمی
برفتند و هرکس درود آنچه کشت
نماند به جز نام نیکو و زشت
Why should I set my heart on this traveller’s home?
For our comrades have gone; on the road we still roam.
The garden will yield that same rose after us,
And friends will, together, sit down and discuss.
چرا دل بر این کاروانگه نهیم؟
که یاران برفتند و ما بر رهیم
پس از ما همین گل دمد بوستان
نشینند با یکدگر دوستان
By this sweetheart, the world, let your heart not be buoyed!
For whoever she favoured his heart she destroyed.
When the tomb’s niche becomes a poor man’s sleeping place,
Resurrection will wipe all the dust from his face.
دل اندر دلارام دنیا مبند
که ننشست با کس که دل بر نکند
چو در خاکدان لحد خفت مرد
قیامت بیفشاند از موی گرد
Raise your head up, this moment, from Apathy’s breast!
Lest, to-morrow, regret makes it greatly distressed.
Don’t you, ent’ring Shiraz to take up your abode,
Wash your body and head from the dust of the road?
Hence, oh thou depraved habitation of sin!
To a strange city, soon, you’ll your journey begin.
نه چون خواهی آمد به شیراز در
سر و تن بشویی ز گرد سفر
پس ای خاکسار گنه عن قریب
سفر کرد خواهی به شهری غریب
From the founts of your eyes, cause a current to flow!
And wash from yourself any filth you may show!
بران از دو سرچشمه دیده جوی
ور آلایشی داری از خود بشوی


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