Story of a saint mistaken for a jew حکایت جهود

Story of a saint mistaken for a jew حکایت جهود

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A man passed a person possessing God’s grace,
And thought him a Jew, by the cut of his face.
یکی کرد بر پارسایی گذر
به صورت جهود آمدش در نظر
On the back of his neck, he inflicted a whack;
The holy man gave him the shirt from his back!
قفایی فرو کوفت بر گردنش
ببخشید درویش پیراهنش
Ashamed, he exclaimed, ” What I’ve done is amiss!
Forgive me! what time for a favour is this”?
خجل گفت کانچ از من آمد خطاست
ببخشای بر من، چه جای عطاست؟
“I brood not on evil,” he, thankfully, said,
“But I am not the man who came into your head “.
به شکرانه گفتا به سر بیستم
که آنم که پنداشتی نیستم
A nature refined and a form free from pride,
Surpass a good name and a wicked inside.
The prowling night-robber seems better to me,
Than the profligate wretch you in pious garb see.


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