Story OF faridun’s vizier حکایت فریدون و وزیر و غماز

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Faridun had a praiseworthy man as vizier;
His mind was enlightened, his foresight was clear.
First, the will of the Maker, his study he made,
And, next, the commands of the king he obeyed.
فریدون وزیری پسندیده داشت
که روشن دل و دوربین دیده داشت
رضای حق اول نگه داشتی
دگر پاس فرمان شه داشتی
A ruler debased, who racks subjects with pain,
Thinks it ruling the land and the treasury’s gain.
If you fix not your look towards God in each thing,
He brings you to grief at the hand of the king.
نهد عامل سفله بر خلق رنج
که تدبیر ملک است و توفیر گنج
اگر جانب حق نداری نگاه
گزندت رساند هم از پادشاه
In the morning, a person the king’s presence sought,
Saying, “Peace and success, ev’ry day, be your lot!
Do not listen to envy! to warning, give ear!
In secret your foe is your trusted vizier!
یکی رفت پیش ملک بامداد
که هر روزت آسایش و کام باد
غرض مشنو از من نصیحت پذیر
تو را در نهان دشمن است این وزیر
‘Mong the high and the low in the army, none’s known,
Who has not obtained from him money, on loan;
On condition that when the great king is no more,
All the gold and the silver, forthwith, they’ll restore.
کس از خاص لشکر نماندهست و عام
که سیم و زر از وی ندارد به وام
به شرطی که چون شاه گردن فراز
بمیرد، دهند آن زر و سیم باز
He, selfish, desires not to see you alive,
Lest your living, should him of his money deprive! “
The king, at the empire-protecting vizier,
Gave a look, in which punishment showed very clear,
نخواهد تو را زنده این خودپرست
مبادا که نقدش نیاید به دست
یکی سوی دستور دولت پناه
به چشم سیاست نگه کرد شاه
And said, “Like a friend, in my presence thou art!
Why art thou my enemy, then, in thy heart? “
The ground near the throne he saluted and spoke:
“Since you’ve asked me the question, ’tis needless to cloak
که در صورت دوستان پیش من
به خاطر چرایی بد اندیش من؟
زمین پیش تختش ببوسید و گفت
نشاید چو پرسیدی اکنون نهفت
Oh monarch, renowned! this design I’ve in view,
That your subjects may ail be well-wishers of you.
Since to pay back my coin on your death, they agree,
They wish you long life, from their terror of me.
چنین خواهم ای نامور پادشاه
که باشند خلقت همه نیک خواه
چو موتت بود وعده سیم من
بقا بیش خواهندت از بیم من
Don’t you wish that in pray’r and sincereness, each one
Should desire your head fresh, for your life a long run?
Men look upon pray’r as a boon in their hearts;
It is armour that shields from Calamity’s darts.” 
نخواهی که مردم به صدق و نیاز
سرت سیر خواهند و عمرت دراز؟
غنیمت شمارند مردان دعا
که جوشن بود پیش تیر بلا
At all he had mentioned, the king pleasure showed,
The rose of his face out of cheerfulness blowed.
Great pow’r and high rank the vizier held before;
He augmented his rank and his power much more.
پسندید از او شهریار آنچه گفت
گل رویش از تازگی برشکفت
ز قدر و مکانی که دستور داشت
مکانش بیفزود و قدرش فراشت
بد اندیش را زجر و تأدیب کرد
پشیمانی از گفته خویش خورد
More perplexed than a slanderer, none have I met,
More hapless, with fortune so greatly upset
By means of the folly and malice he shows,
Between two companions he enmity sows;
ندیدم ز غماز سرگشتهتر
نگون طالع و بخت برگشتهتر
ز نادانی و تیره رایی که اوست
خلاف افگند در میان دو دوست
When the two again meet, they their friendship renew,
And he is ashamed and abashed ‘twixt the two.
Between two cordial friends to cause fire to arise,
And you in betwixt them to burn, is not wise.
کنند این و آن خوش دگر باره دل
وی اندر میان کور بخت و خجل
میان دو کس آتش افروختن
نه عقل است و خود در میان سوختن
Like Sadi y the man tastes retirement’s delight,
Who, respecting both worlds, draws his tongue in from sight.
Declare what you know, that may useful appear,
Though it may not fall sweet on a certain one’s ear!
چو سعدی کسی ذوق خلوت چشید
که از هر که عالم زبان درکشید
بگوی آنچه دانی سخن سودمند
وگر هیچ کس را نیاید پسند
For to-morrow, repentant, a cry he will raise,
Saying: “Why was I deaf to the Truth, in my days? “
که فردا پیشمان برآرد خروش
که آوخ چرا حق نکردم به گوش؟


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