Story OF AN ABSTINENT, PIOUS MAN حکایت صاحب نظر پارسا

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

One like me, with his heart in another one’s hand,
Was a captive and had much abasement to stand.
He had, previously, wisdom and knowledge displayed
Yet, because of his madness, a butt he was made.
  یکی را چو من دل به دست کسی
گرو بود و میبرد خواری بسی
پس از هوشمندی و فرزانگی
به دف بر زدندش به دیوانگی
From his intimate friends many thumpings he bore,
Like a peg, with his forehead projecting before.
On the head of misfortune, by fancy so put,
That the roof of his brain was well kicked under foot
ز دشمن جفا بردی از بهر دوست
که تریاک اکبر بود زهر دوست
قفا خوردی از دست یاران خویش
چو مسمار پیشانی آورده پیش
From the foe, for the friend, he submitted to wrong;
For poison from friends is an antidote strong.
No knowledge had he of his friend’s chiding strains;
For the man who is drowned does not know when it rains.  
خیالش چنان بر سر آشوب کرد
که بام دماغش لگد کوب کرد
نبودش ز تشنیع یاران خبر
که غرقه ندارد ز باران خبر
The person whose heart has grown callous to blame,.
Does not care for the mirror of honour and shame.
The devil appeared as a beauty, one night,
In that holy man’s bosom, and worried him, quite.
کرا پای خاطر برآمد به سنگ
نیندیشد از شیشه نام و ننگ
شبی دیو خود را پری چهره ساخت
در آغوش این مرد و بر وی بتاخت
In the morning he had not the pow’r to say pray’r;
Of his secret not one of his friends was aware.
سحرگه مجال نمازش نبود
ز یاران کس آگه ز رازش نبود
He plunged into water as far as the chin,
And like marble, was soon by the cold frozen in.
به آبی فرو رفت نزدیک بام
بر او بسته سرما دری از رخام
A reprover began to upbraid him and scold:
” You are killing yourself in this water, so cold.”
The judicious young man raised a clamour and said:
“Beware ! and be dumb on this infamous head!
نصیحتگری لومش آغاز کرد
که خود را بکشتی در این آب سرد
ز برنای منصف برآمد خروش
که ای یار چند از ملامت؟ خموش
For a little, this youth so enraptured my heart,
That my love for him made all my patience depart.
In my good disposition no interest he showed;
See how far with my life I am bearing his load!  
  مرا پنج روز این پسر دل فریفت
ز مهرش چنانم که نتوان شکیفت
نپرسید باری به خلق خوشم
ببین تا چه بارش به جان میکشم
Hence, He who created my body from dust,
By His pow’r has consigned a pure soul to its trust.
You’re amazed that His load of commands I sustain!
In His kindness and favour I always remain! “
پس آن را که شخصم ز خاک آفرید
به قدرت در او جان پاک آفرید
عجب داری ار بار حکمش برم
که دایم به احسان و فضلش درم؟


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