Story OF HATIM TAI AND HIS GENEROSITY حکایت حاتم طائی و صفت جوانمردی او

Story OF HATIM TAI AND HIS GENEROSITY حکایت حاتم طائی و صفت جوانمردی او

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that in Htim Tai’s days, there appeared
In his stables a smoke-coloured horse he had reared;
As the morning breeze rapid — a thunder-voiced steed,
That was more than a match for the lightning in speed. 
  شنیدم در ایام حاتم که بود
به خیل اندرش بادپایی چو دود
صبا سرعتی، رعد بانگ ادهمی
که بر برق پیشی گرفتی همی
While he ran, he show’red hail over mountain and plain —
You’d have said that a cloud had, in passing, dropp’d rain.  
  به تگ ژاله می‌ریخت بر کوه و دشت
تو گفتی مگر ابر نیسان گذشت
A crosser of deserts and torrent-like fleet
For the wind lagged behind, like the dust, from his feet
Hatim Taiy an Arab chief famed for his liberality.
Men, famed for their knowledge, were talking in praise
With the Sultan of Rum, about Hatim kind ways.  
  یکی سیل رفتار هامون نورد
که باد از پیش باز ماندی چو گرد
ز اوصاف حاتم به هر بر و بوم
بگفتند برخی به سلطان روم
They remarked that, in kindness, he beat ev’ry one ;
Like his horse in careering and war, there was none :  
  که همتای او در کرم مرد نیست
چو اسبش به جولان و ناورد نیست
Desert traveling, resembling a ship on the deep ;
No crow on the wing, o’er his running could keep.  
  بیابان نوردی چو کشتی برآب
که بالای سیرش نپرد عقاب
The king thus addressed his enlightened vizier :
“A claim without proof sounds absurd in my ear.
From Hatim that charger, of pure Arab breed,
I will ask, and if, kindly, he gives me the steed,  
  به دستور دانا چنین گفت شاه
که دعوی خجالت بود بی گواه
من از حاتم آن اسب تازی نهاد
بخواهم، گر او مکرمت کرد و داد
Of the grandeur of greatness, I’ll know he’s possessed ;
If not, he’s a loud-sounding drum, at the best.
A messenger, wise and accomplished, he sent
To Tat and ten men in his retinue went.
بدانم که در وی شکوه مهی است
وگر رد کند بانگ طبل تهی است
رسولی هنرمند عالم به طی
روان کرد و ده مرد همراه وی
On the ground, dry and lifeless, the clouds had wept rain,
And the cool morning breeze made its life fresh again.
To the rest-house of Hatim, he came as a guest ;
Like the thirsty by Zindas cool stream, he took rest.
زمین مرده و ابر گریان بر او
صبا کرده بار دگر جان در او
به منزلگه حاتم آمد فرود
بر آسود چون تشنه بر زنده رود
Hatim spread the food-trays and a charger he killed ;
He put sweets in their laps and with gold their hands filled.
They remained for the night, and, the following day,
What the messenger knew, he proceeded to say.  
  سماطی بیفگند و اسبی بکشت
به دامن شکر دادشان زر بمشت
شب آن جا ببودند و روز دگر
بگفت آنچه دانست صاحب خبر
Then Hatim replied — while he raved as if drunk —
And the teeth of Regret, in his hand deeply sunk —
“Oh sharer in. wisdom, and happy in name !
Why did you not sooner this message proclaim ?
همی گفت و حاتم پریشان چو مست
به دندان ز حسرت همی کند دست
که ای بهره ور موبد نیک نام
چرا پیش از اینم نگفتی پیام؟
That courser, so choice, swift as Duldul in flight,
On account of your coming, I roasted last night.
For I knew, that because of the floods and the rain,
To the stud-grazing ground, none could access obtain.
من آن باد رفتار دلدل شتاب
ز بهر شما دوش کردم کباب
که دانستم از هول باران و سیل
نشاید شدن در چراگاه خیل
In no other way could provision be planned,
For only this horse, at the time, was at hand.
It appeared to me mean, by the customs I keep,
That guests, with their hearts sore from hunger, should sleep.  
  به نوعی دگر روی و راهم نبود
جز او بر در بارگاهم نبود
مروت ندیدم در آیین خویش
که مهمان بخسبد دل از فاقه ریش
My name in the regions about must be known,
Though another famed steed I may never more own.”
He gave the men gold, steeds and dresses of state —
Kind actions are never acquired, but innate.
مرا نام باید در اقلیم فاش
دگر مرکب نامور گو مباش
کسان را درم داد و تشریف و اسب
طبیعی است اخلاق نیکو نه کسب
To Rum went the news of the liberal Tai ;
The Sultan applauded his nature, so high.
With this one trait of Hatim, remain not content !
But hear me relate a more noble event !
خبر شد به روم از جوانمرد طی
هزار آفرین گفت بر طبع وی
ز حاتم بدین نکته راضی مشو
از این خوب تر ماجرایی شنو


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