Story OF JUNAID OF BAGHDAD, AND THE HUMILITY OF HIS NATURR حکایت جنید و سیرت او در تواضع

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that Junaid, in the plain of Sana,
Saw a dog that had lost evry tooth in his jaw.
His claws, lion-seizing, of strength were bereft;
Like a feeble, decrepit, old fox he was left
شنیدم که در دشت صنعا جنید
سگی دید بر کنده دندان صید
ز نیروی سر پنجه شیر گیر
فرومانده عاجز چو روباه پیر
After catching the deer and wild ram, in the chase,
He was butted and spurned by the sheep of the place.
When he saw the poor brute weak and wounded and sad,
He gave him the half of the viands he had.
پس از غرم و آهو گرفتن به پی
لگد خوردی از گوسفندان حی
چو مسکین و بی طاقتش دید و ریش
بدو داد یک نیمه از زاد خویش
I have heard he was saying, while shedding red tears:
” Who knows which of us two the better appears?
I am better to look at than this one, to-day,
But how long on my head will this good fortune stay?
شنیدم که میگفت و خوش میگریست
که داند که بهتر ز ما هر دو کیست؟
به ظاهر من امروز از این بهترم
دگر تا چه راند قضا بر سرم
If my foot of belief does not slip from its place,
With the crown of God’s pardon my head I will grace.
If the robe of God’s knowledge I do not possess,
Than this brute I am certainly very much less.
گرم پای ایمان نلغزد ز جای
به سر بر نهم تاج عفو خدای
وگر کسوت معرفت در برم
نماند، به بسیار از این کمترم
For the dog with a name vile as any can tell,
They will never convey, like a man, unto Hell.”
که سگ با همه زشت نامی چو مرد
مر او را به دوزخ نخواهند برد
The way is this, Sadi: The men of the road
Never have on themselves a sublime look bestowed.
ره این است سعدی که مردان راه
به عزت نکردند در خود نگاه
Than the angels a higher position they held,
For they did not conceive that the dog they excelled
ازان بر ملایک شرف داشتند
که خود را به از سگ نپنداشتند


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