Story OF MARUF-KARKHI AND THE SICK TRAVELLER حکایت معروف کرخی و مسافر رنجور

Story OF MARUF-KARKHI AND THE SICK TRAVELLER حکایت معروف کرخی و مسافر رنجور

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

No man in the path of Maruf-Karkhi sped,
Who first did not cast foolish pride from his head.
I have heard that a certain one came as his guest,
Who from sickness had closely approached his last rest:
کسی راه معروف کرخی بجست
که بنهاد معروفی از سر نخست
شنیدم که مهمانش آمد یکی
ز بیماریش تا به مرگ اندکی
The hair of his head and his face was all grey;
By a hair was his life held from slipping away.
He alighted at night and his pillow he laid,
And quickly a noise of lamenting he made.
سرش موی و رویش صفا ریخته
به موییش جان در تن آویخته
شب آن جا بیفگند و بالش نهاد
روان دست در بانگ و نالش نهاد
All the night, for a moment, sleep closed not his eyes;
Not a person could sleep, on account of his cries.
With a nature distracted and temp’rament soured,
He lived, and his harshness a people devoured.
نه خوابش گرفتی شبان یک نفس
نه از دست فریاد او خواب کس
نهادی پریشان و طبعی درشت
نمیمرد و خلقی به حجت بکشت
From his weeping and wailing, and fidgety plight,
The household was forced to take refuge in flight.
Out of all the male inmates that dwelling contained,
Maruf and that helpless one only remained
ز فریاد و نالیدن و خفت و خیز
گرفتند از او خلق راه گریز
ز دیار مردم در آن بقعه کس
همان ناتوان ماند و معروف و بس
For nights, in attendance, he slept not at all,
And with loins girt obeyed like a slave ev’ry call.
Sleep brought its strong army one night to his brain
For how long can a man without sleeping remain?
شنیدم که شبها ز خدمت نخفت
چو مردان میان بست و کرد آنچه گفت
شبی بر سرش لشکر آورد خواب
که چند آورد مرد ناخفته تاب؟
The instant that sleep caused his eyelids to close,
In the stranger distracted a tempest arose: —
” Alay curses,” he said, “seize this draggle-tailed kind!
Their name and their fame are deception and wind!
به یک دم که چشمانش خفتن گرفت
مسافر پراگنده گفتن گرفت
که لعنت بر این نسل ناپاک باد
که نامند و ناموس و زرقند و باد
With high aspirations and clothes clean and new,
They’re deceivers, and sellers of piety, too.
What knows the coarse glutton, in drunken repose,
Of the sufferer pow’rless his starved eyes to close? “
پلید اعتقادان پاکیزه پوش
فریبنده پارسایی فروش
چه داند لت انبانی از خواب مست
که بیچارهای دیده بر هم نبست؟
He spoke to Mariif words devoid of respect,
Saying, ” Why did you slumber and show me neglect? “
Out of kindness, the sage bore the words he let fall;
In the private apartments the women heard all! 
سخنهای منکر به معروف گفت
که یک دم چرا غافل از وی بخفت
فرو خورد شیخ این حدیث از کرم
شنیدند پوشیدگان حرم
To Maruf one among them in secret thus spoke:
Y Did you hear what the wailing wretch said, to provoke?
Go and say, ‘Your own journey henceforth you must hie!
Your curses remove, in another place die! ‘
یکی گفت معروف را در نهفت
شنیدی که درویش نالان چه گفت؟
برو زین سپس گو سر خویش گیر
گرانی مکن جای دیگر بمیر
Both goodness and mercy are right in their place,
But kindness to those who are wicked, is base.
‘Neath the head of a wretch, a soft pillow don’t put!
For the head of a tyrant a stone best will suit.
نکویی و رحمت به جای خودست
ولی با بدان نیکمردی بدست
سر سفله را گرد بالش منه
سر مردم آزار بر سنگ به
Do not favour the wicked; oh fortunate hand!
Only fools will plant trees in a dry, barren land.
That you ought not to care for mankind, I don’t say;
But, before the debased, throw not mercy away!
مکن با بدان نیکی ای نیکبخت
که در شورهزاران نشاند درخت؟
نگویم مراعات مردم مکن
کرم پیش نامردمان گم مکن
Be not soft, through good nature, with harsh-mannered folk!
The back of a dog,1 like a cat’s, you don’t stroke.
Ask you justice? the dog that some gratitude shows,
Surpasses the man who no thankfulness knows.
به اخلاق نرمی مکن با درشت
که سگ را نمالند چون گربه پشت
گر انصاف خواهی سگ حق شناس
به سیرت به از مردم ناسپاس
Do not serve with iced water those hardened in vice!
When you’ve done it, the recompense write upon ice!
So cross-grained a person I never have seen;
Do not pity a creature so worthless and mean
به برفاب رحمت مکن بر خسیس
چو کردی مکافات بر یخ نویس
ندیدم چنین پیچ بر پیچ کس
مکن هیچ رحمت بر این هیچ کس
He smiled and replied, “Oh my heart-soothing spouse!
Do not suffer his ravings your temper to rouse!
بخندید و گفت ای دلارام جفت
پریشان مشو زین پریشان که گفت
گر از ناخوشی کرد بر من خروش
مرا ناخوش از وی خوش آمد به گوش
If from sorrow his conduct was noisy and rough;
To my ear his displeasure came pleasant enough.
Of such a man’s fury one should not be shy,
For his restlessness suffers not sleep to come nigh.”
When you find yourself strong and your happiness sure,
In gratitude, weak people’s burden endure!
جفای چنین کس نباید شنود
که نتواند از بیقراری غنود
چو خود را قوی حال بینی و خوش
به شکرانه بار ضعیفان بکش
If you the same shape as a talisman show,
You die, and your name like your body will go.
And if you’re a trainer of mercy’s fair tree,
As fruit, a good name you will certainly see.
اگر خود همین صورتی چون طلسم
بمیری و اسمت بمیرد چو جسم
وگر پرورانی درخت کرم
بر نیک نامی خوری لاجرم
In Karkh you see tombs in great numbers around,
But excepting Manlf’s, none is eminent found.
By Fortune! those people have gained high renown,
Who have cast from their temples vain-glory’s false crown.
نبینی که در کرخ تربت بسی است
بجز گور معروف، معروف نیست
به دولت کسانی سر افراختند
که تاج تکبر بینداختند
The pomp-loving person exhibits his pride;
He knows not that pomp may in mildness reside.
تکبر کند مرد حشمت پرست
نداند که حشمت به حلم اندرست


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