On being always Prepared for an Enemy گفتار اندر حذر کردن از دشمنان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I don’t bid you fear to wage war with a foe;
Of his talk about peace, greater fear you should show!
Many persons by day have the verse of peace read,
Who, at night, marched their troops on the sleeping foe’s head.  
  نگویم ز جنگ بد اندیش ترس
در آوازه صلح از او بیش ترس
بسا کس به روز آیت صلح خواند
چو شب شد سپه بر سر خفته راند
The conquering men sleep in armour complete;
For a woman, a couch is a sleeping-place meet.
A soldier in camp, on retiring to rest,
Does not sleep, as a woman at home does, undressed.  
زره پوش خسبند مرد اوژنان
که بستر بود خوابگاه زنان
به خیمه درون مرد شمشیر زن
برهنه نخسبد چو در خانه زن
It behoves you, in secret, for war to prepare!
For the foe to attack you in secret will dare.
Taking care, is the business of men of good stamp;
The advanced guard’s the brazen defence of the camp.  
بباید نهان جنگ را ساختن
که دشمن نهان آورد تاختن
حذر کار مردان کار آگه است
یزک سد رویین لشکر گه است


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