On Men of God viewing Themselves with Contempt حکایت در معنی نظر مردان در خود به حقارت

On Men of God viewing Themselves with Contempt حکایت در معنی نظر مردان در خود به حقارت

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A wise youth with a nature from wickedness free,
Arrived at the harbour of Rum, from the sea.
Devoutness, discernment and wisdom he showed;
They placed his effects in a holy abode.
جوانی خردمند پاکیزه بوم
ز دریا برآمد به در بند روم
در او فضل دیدند و فقر و تمیز
نهادند رختش به جایی عزیز
The chief-of-the-pious addressed him, one day:
“From the mosque, brush the dust and the rubbish away
The instant the wanderer heard this affair,
He departed and no one again saw him there.
مه عابدان گفت روزی به مرد
که خاشاک مسجد بیفشان و گرد
همان کاین سخن مرد رهرو شنید
برون رفت و بازش نشان کس ندید
From that the companions and elders opined,
That the needy young man was to work disinclined.
A servant next day met him walking along,
And said, ” Through your folly you did very wrong!
بر آن حمل کردند یاران و پیر
که پروای خدمت ندارد فقیر
دگر روز خادم گرفتش به راه
که ناخوب کردی به رأی تباه
You were not aware, oh self-satisfied swain!
That people by service their wishes obtain.”
With sincereness and warmth he began tears to shed:
“Oh heart-lighting, life-guarding comrade,” he said;
ندانستی ای کودک خودپسند
که مردان ز خدمت به جایی رسند
گرستن گرفت از سر صدق و سوز
که ای یار جان پرور دلفروز
“Neither rubbish nor dust in that spot could I trace;
I alone was defiled in that sanctified place.
I therefore determined my feet to withdraw;
For a mosque, pure, is better than rubbish and straw.”
نه گرد اندر آن بقعه دیدم نه خاک
من آلوده بودم در آن جای پاک
گرفتم قدم لاجرم باز پس
که پاکیزه به مسجد از خاک و خس
No pathway, save this, for the Dervish is seen —
He must count his own body as humble and mean.
Humility choose, if you wish to be high;
For that ladder, alone, to this roof can come nigh!
طریقت جز این نیست درویش را
که افگنده دارد تن خویش را
بلندیت باید تواضع گزین
که آن بام را نیست سلم جز این


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