Story OF SADI AND HIS TUTOR حکایت سعدی و استادش

Story OF SADI AND HIS TUTOR حکایت سعدی و استادش

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I once a Nizamiah1 scholarship gained;
Day and night were debates and instruction maintained.
مرا در نظامیه ادرار بود
شب و روز تلقین و تکرار بود
To the tutor I said, “Oh thou, wise in our days!
My friend, so and so, for me envy displays.
مر استاد را گفتم ای پر خرد
فلان یار بر من حسد می‌برد
When I give the true meaning of any nice text,
The heart of that wicked companion is vexed.”
To this tale the promoter of learning gave heed;
He grew angry and said, “What a wonder, indeed!
شنید این سخن پیشوای ادب
به تندی برآشفت و گفت ای عجب
An envious friend’s not approved in your sight ;
I know not who taught you that sland’ring was right!
حسودی پسندت نیامد ز دوست
که معلوم کردت که غیبت نکوست؟
If he chooses, through baseness, the pathway to hell,
By a different road you will reach there,” as well.”
گر او راه دوزخ گرفت از خسی
از این راه دیگر تو در وی رسی


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