On Esteeming as a Boon the Strength of Youth previous to the Weakness of Old Age گفتار اندر غنیمت شمردن جوانی پیش از پیری

On Esteeming as a Boon the Strength of Youth previous to the Weakness of Old Age گفتار اندر غنیمت شمردن جوانی پیش از پیری

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

To-day, oh young man, in devotion engage!
For to-morrow, fresh youth will not come from old age.
You have leisure of mind and your body has force;
Hit straight at the ball when you have a wide course!
جوانا ره طاعت امروز گیر
که فردا جوانی نیاید ز پیر
فراغ دلت هست و نیروی تن
چو میدان فراخ است گویی بزن
I did not perceive the great worth of to-day;
I’m aware of it now, for I’ve played it away.
Fate deprived me of time, in a sorrowful hour,
Of which ev’ry day was the great “night of Poidr”
من این روز را قدر نشناختم
بدانستم اکنون که در باختم
قضا روزگاری ز من در ربود
که هر روزی از وی شبی قدر بود
What toil has an ass, become old, ‘neath his load?
Astride a good steed, you continue your road.
Though a cup that is smashed you may neatly restore
Not again will it bring the same price as before.
چه کوشش کند پیر خر زیر بار؟
تو میرو که بر باد پایی سوار
شکسته قدح ور ببندند چست
نیاورد خواهد بهای درست
As it fell from your hand out of negligence, then,
No course can you follow but patch it again.
Yourself in the Oxus, who told you to cast?
If you do, with your hands and your feet strike out fast!
کنون کاوفتادت به غفلت ز دست
طریقی ندارد مگر باز بست
که گفتت به جیحون درانداز تن؟
چو افتاد، هم دست و پایی بزن
The water of cleansing you gave from your hand;
What resource have you left, but to utilize sand
When you took not the prize from the swift in the race,
Even stumbling and rising, continue your pace!
به غفلت بدادی ز دست آب پاک
چه چاره کنون جز تیمم به خاک؟
چو از چاپکان در دویدن گرو
نبردی، هم افتان و خیزان برو
If those of swift foot are remarkably fleet;
Get up you are palsied in hands and in feet.
گر آن باد پایان برفتند تیز
تو بی دست و پای از نشستن بخیز


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