Story of the camel and her colt حکایت شتر

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

The colt of a camel its mother addressed
After traveling, “Oh, come ! for a time let us rest! “
شتر بچه با مادر خویش گفت:
بس از رفتن، آخر زمانی بخفت
She replied, “If the halter had been in my sway,
In the train ‘neath a load none had seen me to-dav.”
بگفت ار به دست منستی مهار
ندیدی کسم بارکش در قطار
Wherever Fate wills she the vessel can bear,
Though the Captain should tear all his clothes in despair
قضا کشتی آن جا که خواهد برد
وگر ناخدا جامه بر تن درد
Oh Sadi! on others’ hands cast not your eyes!
For God is the giver and He should suffice.
مکن سعدیا دیده بر دست کس
که بخشنده پروردگارست و بس
If you worship the Lord you need no other door;
If He drive you away none will bid you come more.
اگر حق پرستی ز درها بست
که گر وی براند نخواند کست
If He give you good luck, raise your head in the air!
Go! scratch, if He does not, the head of despair!
گر او تاجدارت کند سر برآر
وگرنه سر ناامیدی بخار


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