Story on the effects of impertinence حکایت اثرات گستاخی

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A man spoke impertinent words in a fray;
They tore with their ringers his collar away.
Well-beaten and naked he, weeping, sat down;
Said a man of experience, “Oh self-loving clown!
یکی ناسزا گفت در وقت جنگ
گریبان دریدند وی را به چنگ
قفا خورده گریان وعریان نشست
جهاندیدهای گفتش ای خودپرست
If your mouth like a rose-bud unopened had been,
Your shirt, rose-like, riven you would not have seen.”
The madman speaks words that in boasting abound ;
Like the drum that is empty, he makes a great sound
چو غنچه گرت بسته بودی دهن
دریده ندیدی چو گل پیرهن
سراسیمه گوید سخن بر گزاف
چو طنبور بی مغز بسیار لاف
A burning is only a flame, don’t you see!
That at once with some water extinguished can be.
If a person be blessed, through the merit he bears,
Not the man but the merit its presence declares.
نبینی که آتش زبان است و بس
به آبی توان کشتنش در نفس؟
اگر هست مرد از هنر بهره‌ور
هنر خود بگوید نه صاحب هنر
If the musk you possess be not real, do not tell!
If it is, it will make itself known by the smell.
What need to swear gold is the purest of gold?
For the touch-stone will, surely, its nature unfold!
اگر مشک خالص نداری مگوی
ورت هست خود فاش گردد به بوی
به سوگند گفتن که زر مغربی است
چه حاجت؟ محک خود بگوید که چیست
There are critics a thousand who, after this plan,
Say that SddVs a worthless and reticent man.
It is meet that to tear my poshteen they should strain!
But I cannot endure them to harry my brain.


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