Story of the Dervish and the Pox حکایت درویش با روباه

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A man saw a fox that had paralyzed feet;
At God’s work he was lost in amazement complete —
Saying, “Since he was able to live in a way,
With members so useless when ate he each day? ” 
  یکی روبهی دید بی دست و پای
فرو ماند در لطف و صنع خدای
که چون زندگانی به سر میبرد؟
بدین دست و پای از کجا میخورد؟
The Dervish was puzzling his brains very much,
When a lion appeared with a jackal in’s clutch;
He fed on the jackal, of fortune bereft,
And the fox ate his fill from the portion he left  
  در این بود درویش شوریده رنگ
که شیری برآمد شغالی به چنگ
شغال نگون بخت را شیر خورد
بماند آنچه روباه از آن سیر خورد
It happened next morn, in a similar way,
That Providence gave him his food for the day.
Truth enabled the eyes of the man, then, to see;
He went, and his hope on the Maker placed he.  
  دگر روز باز اتفاق اوفتاد
که روزی رسان قوت روزش بداد
یقین، مرد را دیده بیننده کرد
شد و تکیه بر آفریننده کرد
“Like an ant, in a corner I’ll sit, from this hour,
For elephants get not subsistence by pow’r.”
With his chin on his breast, for a little, he stood,
That the Giver might from the unseen send him food.  
  کز این پس به کنجی نشینم چو مور
که روزی نخوردند پیلان به زور
زنخدان فرو برد چندی به جیب
که بخشنده روزی فرستد ز غیب
Neither stranger nor friend to relieve him took pains;
There remained of him, harp-like, but skin, bone and veins.  
  نه بیگانه تیمار خوردش نه دوست
چو چنگش رگ و استخوان ماند و پوست
When of patience and sense, due to weakness, deprived,
A voice at his ear from the Mosque niche arrived: —
“Go, copy the fierce, tearing tiger, oh cheat!
And ape not the fox with the paralyzed feet!  
  چو صبرش نماند از ضعیفی و هوش
ز دیوار محرابش آمد به گوش
برو شیر درنده باش، ای دغل
مینداز خود را چو روباه شل
So strive that you have, like the lion, to spare;
Like the fox, why be pleased with ‘ remains ‘ for your fare?”
Should a man, like a tiger, a fat neck possess,
And fall like a fox, than a dog, he is less.  
  چنان سعی کن کز تو ماند چو شیر
چه باشی چو روبه به وامانده سیر؟
چو شیر آن که را گردنی فربه است
گر افتد چو روبه، سگ از وی به است
Make use of your hands! with your peers eat and drink!
And from eating the leavings of other men, shrink!
By your own arm, while fit, let your food be supplied!
For your efforts will by your own balance be tried.  
  بچنگ آر و با دیگران نوش کن
نه بر فضله دیگران گوش کن
بخور تا توانی به بازوی خویش
که سعیت بود در ترازوی خویش
Like a man, bear your trouble, and happiness give!
On the labour of others let Pcederasts live!
Go thou and assist! oh advice-taking man!
Do not cast thyself down! saying, “Help! if you can.”
چو مردان ببر رنج و راحت رسان
مخنث خورد دسترنج کسان
بگیر ای جوان دست درویش پیر
نه خود را بیفگن که دستم بگیر
That servant from God will forgiveness obtain,
Through the presence of whom people happy remain.
Kind acts are performed by that head that has mind;
The mean, like a skin, without brains, you will find.
خدا را بر آن بنده بخشایش است
که خلق از وجودش در آسایش است
کرم ورزد آن سر که مغزی در اوست
که دون همتانند بی مغز و پوست
The good of both worlds the kind person enjoys
Who in bettering people, his moments employs
کسی نیک بیند به هر دو سرای
که نیکی رساند به خلق خدای


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