story of the king afflicted with tapeworm حکایت پادشاه بامحبت

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Of one of the monarchs, a tale they relate,
Who by worms was reduced to a spindle-like state.
His weakness of body had lowered him, so,
That he envied the meanest of those who are low.
  یکی را حکایت کنند از ملوک
که بیماری رشته کردش چو دوک
چنانش در انداخت ضعف حسد
که می‌برد بر زیردستان حسد
Though the king has a name that is famous in chess,
When weakness arrives, than the pawn he is less.
A courtier salaamed l to the monarch, and said:
“May the life of the sov’reign for ever be sped
که شاه ارچه بر عرصه نام آورست
چو ضعف آمد از بیدقی کمترست
ندیمی زمین ملک بوسه داد
که ملک خداوند جاوید باد
There lives in this city a man of blest life
Among men who are pious, his peers are not rife,
Not a person his burden before him has brought,
Who, at once, has not gained the intention he sought.
در این شهر مردی مبارک دم است
که در پارسایی چنویی کم است
نبردند پیشش مهمات کس
که مقصود حاصل نشد در نفس
  نرفته‌ست هرگز بر او ناصواب
دلی روشن و دعوتی مستجاب
Bid him come! that a suitable pray’r he may try;
For mercy descends to the earth. from the sky.”
بخوان تا بخواند دعائی بر این
که رحمت رسد ز آسمان برین
He so ordered, that servants exalted in place,
Went and summoned the Elder of fortunate pace.
بفرمود تا مهتران خدم
بخواندند پیر مبارک قدم
  برفتند و گفتند و آمد فقیر
تنی محتشم در لباسی حقیر
“Oh sage” said the monarch, “a prayer repeat!
With the tapeworm I’m, needle-like, bound by the feet.”
The crook-backed philosopher heard this remark;
With harshness he uttered a shout, saying, “Hark!
بگفتا دعائی کن ای هوشمند
که در رشته چون سوزنم پای‌بند
شنید این سخن پیر خم بوده پشت
بتندی برآورد بانگی درشت
God favours the man’who from justice won’t swerve,
Grant pardon and God’s own forgiveness observe!
In my praying for you, when would profit be found?
You hold captives oppressed, and in dark dungeons bound.
که حق مهربان است بر دادگر
ببخشای و بخشایش حق نگر
دعای منت کی شود سودمند
اسیران محتاج در چاه و بند؟
No act of forgiveness to men your life shows;
By riches, when will you experience repose?
Ask pardon, you must, for the laws you’ve transgressed,
And then, from Sheikh-Salih a prayer request!
تو ناکرده بر خلق بخشایشی
کجا بینی از دولت آسایشی؟
ببایدت عذر خطا خواستن
پس از شیخ صالح دعا خواستن
How can his beseeching be useful to you,
While the pray’rs of the wretched your footsteps pursue? ”
The Monarch of Persia heard all this discourse,
And from anger and shame felt an ireful remorse;
کجا دست گیرد دعای ویت
دعای ستمدیدگان در پیت؟
شنید این سخن شهریار عجم
ز خشم و خجالت برآمد بهم
He was vexed, and then turned the affair in his head
“Why grieve I? ’tis true what the Dervish has said! ”
He commanded, and all whom in bonds they could see,
By his order were quickly allowed to go free.
برنجید و پس با دل خویش گفت
چه رنجم؟ حق است اینچه درویش گفت
بفرمود تا هر که در بند بود
به فرمانش آزاد کردند زود
The sage, after two inclinations in pray’r,
The hands of beseeching, to God, thus laid bare:
“Oh Thou who supportest the sky in Thy hand!
Thou hast seized him in war, now in peace let him stand! ”
جهاندیده بعد از دو رکعت نماز
به داور برآورد دست نیاز
که ای بر فرازنده آسمان
به جنگش گرفتی به صلحش بمان
He was still in this attitude, praying profound,
When the fallen sick man jumped erect on the ground.
You’d have said that from gladness he wished to take wing —
Like the Peacock, who saw not his leg in a string.
ولی همچنان بر دعا داشت دست
که شه سر برآورد و بر پای جست
تو گویی ز شادی بخواهد پرید
چو طاووس، چون رشته در پا ندید
He commanded; and treasure and jewels they spread
On the ground at his feet, also under his head.
The true for the sake of the false, do not hide
He emptied his skirt of the whole, and then cried:
بفرمود گنجینه گوهرش
فشاندند در پای و زر بر سرش
حق از بهر باطل نشاید نهفت
ازان جمله دامن بیفشاند و گفت
“Do not travel, hereafter, in Tyranny’s train,
That you may not be seized by the tapeworm again! ”
مرو با سر رشته بار دگر
مبادا که دیگر کند رشته سر
When once you have fallen, look after your feet!
That you may not again tumble down from your seat
چو باری فتادی نگه‌دار پای
که یک بار دیگر نلغزد ز جای
To Sadi give ear! in this saying truth lies —
“The man who falls down, does not always arise.”
ز سعدی شنو کاین سخن راست است
نه هر باری افتاده برخاسته‌ست 


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