Story OF THE KING AND THE GREEK PHYSICIAN حکایت اندر معنی شکر منعم

Story OF THE KING AND THE GREEK PHYSICIAN حکایت اندر معنی شکر منعم

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

From a dark-coloured horse fell a king, used to war,
Displacing a bone of his neck by the jar.
On his body his head like an elephant’s shrunk;
He could not look round without turning his trunk.
ملک زادهای ز اسب ادهم فتاد
به گردن درش مهره برهم فتاد
چو پیلش فرو رفت گردن به تن
نگشتی سرش تا نگشتی بدن
The physicians perplexed could not give him release;
But a doctor who came from the country of Greece,
Re-twisted his head, and his body grew straight;
Had the doctor not come, sad had been the king’s state
پزشکان بماندند حیران در این
مگر فیلسوفی ز یونان زمین
سرش باز پیچید و رگ راست شد
وگر وی نبودی ز من خواست شد
When again he came near to the king with his train,
A look from the creature he did not obtain.
The doctor, ashamed at the slight, hung his head;
I have heard, that when leaving, in whispers he said:
دگر نوبت آمد به نزدیک شاه
به عین عنایت نکردش نگاه
خردمند را سر فرو شد به شرم
شنیدم که میرفت و میگفت نرم
“If his neck I had yesterday failed to replace,
He would not, to-day, have averted his face.”
He sent him a seed by the hand of a slave;
On a censer to roast it, directions he gave.
اگر دی نپیچیدمی گردنش
نپیچیدی امروز روی از منش
فرستاد تخمی به دست رهی
که باید که بر عود سوزش نهی
The king gave a sneeze, from the vapour it bore,
And his head and his neck turned the same as before!
With excuses, they followed the man all around,
And searched for him much, but no trace of him found.
ملک را یکی عطسه آمد ز دود
سر و گردنش همچنان شد که بود
به عذر از پی مرد بشتافتند
بجستند بسیار و کم یافتند
Turn your neck not from thanking the Bountiful One!
Or ytfur head will appear at the judgment undone.
A man rubbed the ears of a boy very hard,
Saying, “Frivolous talker! with fortune ill-starred!
مکن، گردن از شکر منعم مپیچ
که روز پسین سر بر آری به هیچ
شنیدم که پیری پسر را به خشم
ملامت همی کرد کای شوخ چشم
I gave you an axe to cut firewood up fine;
I said not, The wall of the mosque undermine! ‘”
The tongue to give thanks and to praise with you got;
For to backbite, the grateful man uses it not.
تو را تیشه دادم که هیزم شکن
نگفتم که دیوار مسجد بکن
زبان آمد از بهر شکر و سپاش
به غیبت نگرداندش حق شناس
The Koran and advice have their way through the ear;
False accusing and falsehood, take care not to hear!
Two eyes, for beholding God’s wonders, are well,
Not on faults of a friend or a brother to dwell. 
گذرگاه قرآن و پندست گوش
به بهتان و باطل شنیدن مکوش
دو چشم از پی صنع باری نکوست
ز عیب برادر فرو گیر و دوست


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