Story of the miserly father and the generous son حکایت ممسک و فرزند ناخلف

Story of the miserly father and the generous son حکایت ممسک و فرزند ناخلف

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

One departed and left earthly treasure behind;
His successor was gen’rous and prudent in mind .
He did not, like misers, clutch greedily gold;
Over it, like the free, he relinquished his hold.
یکی رفت و دینار از او صد هزار
خلف برد صاحبدلی هوشیار
نه چون ممسکان دست بر زر گرفت
چو آزادگان دست از او بر گرفت
His palace was filled with the needy and poor,
And travellers lived in his guest-house secure.
He made kinsmen and strangers, in spirit, content;
And was not, like his father, on hoarding-up bent.
ز درویش خالی نبودی درش
مسافر به مهمان سرای اندرش
دل خویش و بیگانه خرسند کرد
نه همچون پدر سیم و زر بند کرد
A reprover addressed him Oh squandering hand!
Do not scatter, at once, all you have in command!
In a year you can one harvest, only, obtain;
It is silly to burn, in one moment, the grain!
ملامت کنی گفتش ای باد دست
به یک ره پریشان مکن هرچه هست
به سالی توان خرمن اندوختن
به یک دم نه مردی بود سوختن
If you do not have patience in times of distress,
Look to your accounts when you plenty possess”!
چو در دست تنگی نداری شکیب
نگه دار وقت فراخی حسیب


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