story of the pious man and the thief حکایت زاهد تبریزی

story of the pious man and the thief حکایت زاهد تبریزی

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

In Tibriz dwelt a man who was dear in God’s sight;
He was always awake, and a riser at night
One night he observed where a robber, his noose
Had twisted and on to a roof had cast loose.
عزیزی در اقصای تبریز بود
که همواره بیدار و شب خیز بود
شبی دید جایی که دزدی کمند
بپیچید و بر طرف بامی فگند
He informed all the neighbours; a tumult arose;
Men with sticks, from each quarter sprang up from repose
When the noise of the crowd reached the base robber’s ear,
‘Midst danger, he saw that no refuge was near.
کسان را خبر کرد و آشوب خاست
ز هر جانبی مرد با چوب خاست
چو نامردم آواز مردم شنید
میان خطر جای بودن ندید
On hearing the tumult, fear mastered him quite;
He bethought him in time to take refuge in flight.
Pity softened, like wax, the religious man’s heart,
For the luckless night-thief had to, bootless, depart.
نهیبی از آن گیر و دار آمدش
گریز به وقت اختیار آمدش
ز رحمت دل پارسا موم شد
که شب دزد بیچاره محروم شد
By a path in the darkness he left him and then
Returned by another before him, again.
Saying, ” Friend! I’m your chum! do not go, I entreat!
By bravery, I swear! I’m the dust of your feet.
به تاریکی از پی فراز آمدش
به راهی دگر پیشباز آمدش
که یارا مرو کاشنای توام
به مردانگی خاک پای توام
I have never beheld one so powerful as you;
In warfare the modes of proceeding are two: —
One facing your foe like a valorous man;
One running from battle with life, while you can.
ندیدم به مردانگی چون تو کس
که جنگاوری بر دو نوع است و بس
یکی پیش خصم آمدن مردوار
دوم جان به دربردن از کارزار
In both of these modes I’m your servant the same;
Which say you? for I am the slave of your name!
If such is your pleasure, the order convey!
To a place I know well I will show you the way;
بدین هر دو خصلت غلام توام
چه نامی که مولای نام توام؟
گرت رای باشد به حکم کرم
به جایی که میدانمت ره برم
A cottage it is, with the door fixed secure,
And the owner will not be at home, I am sure.
Two clods, one on top of the other, let’s put;
And I’ll place upon each of your shoulders a foot.
سرایی است کوتاه و در بسته سخت
نپندارم آن جا خداوند رخت
کلوخی دو بالای هم برنهیم
یکی پای بر دوش دیگر نهیم
Whatever arrives at your hand do not spurn
It is better than empty of hand to return.”
By condoling, cajoling and art’s cunning grace,
He drew him along to his own dwelling place.
به چندان که در دستت افتد بساز
ازان به که گردی تهیدست باز
به دلداری و چاپلوسی و فن
کشیدش سوی خانه خویشتن
When the night-robber downwards his shoulders had bent,
The possessor of mind on the top of them went.
His chattels, including a turban and cap,
From above he passed down to the night-robber’s lap.
جوانمرد شب رو فرو داشت دوش
به کتفش برآمد خداوند هوش
بغلطاق و دستار و رختی که داشت
ز بالا به دامان او در گذاشت
Raised a clamour of, “Thieves!” from the place where he was,وزان جا برآورد غوغا که دزد
ثواب ای جوانان و یاری و مزد
Reward! oh young men! and, your help in this cause!”
The base thief made a bound to the door in alarm,
And escaped with the pious man’s clothes ‘neath his arm.
Heart soothed was the person of excellent creed,
For the poor, luckless wretch in his aim did succeed.
به در جست از آشوب دزد دغل
دوان، جامه پارسا در بغل
دل آسوده شد مرد نیک اعتقاد
که سرگشتهای را برآمد مراد
The thief who had never to man mercy shown,
By the good-hearted pauper was pitied, alone.
It’s not rare, in the nature of those who are wise,
Out of pity, to favour the bad they despise.
خبیثی که بر کس ترحم نکرد
ببخشود بر وی دل نیکمرد
عجب ناید از سیرت بخردان
که نیکی کنند از کرم با بدان
In good men’s prosperity bad men have grown,
Although wicked men have no goodness their own.
در اقبال نیکان بدان میزیند
وگرچه بدان اهل نیکی نیند


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