Story OF THE OLD WOMAN ‘S CAT حکایت گربه پیرزن

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A cat in the house of an old woman dwelt,
Who changes of time and condition had felt.
یکی گربه در خانه زال بود
که برگشته ایام و بدحال بود
To the banqueting hall of a ruler it went;
Through its body the slaves of the chief arrows sent
دوان شد به مهمان سرای امیر
غلامان سلطان زدندش به تیر
It was running, with blood from its bones dripping rife;
It was saying, and running from fear of its life:
چکان خونش از استخوان، میدوید
همی گفت و از هول جان میدوید
“If I from the hand of this archer can flee,
With the mouse of the old woman’s hut I’ll agree.”
اگر جستم از دست این تیر زن
من و موش و ویرانه پیرزن
The honey repays not the wound of the sting;
With contentment, date-juice more enjoyment will bring.
نیرزد عسل، جان من، زخم نیش
قناعت نکوتر به دوشاب خویش
The Lord with that servant is not satisfied,
Who sulks at the share which the Lord has supplied.
خداوند از آن بنده خرسند نیست
که راضی به قسم خداوند نیست


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