Story on magnanimity حکایت در معنی عزت نفس مردان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A dog bit the foot of a desert recluse.
With such fury, that blood from its fangs dropped profuse.
The helpless one slept not at night, being pained;
In his household a daughter unmarried remained.
سگی پای صحرا نشینی گزید
به خشمی که زهرش ز دندان چکید
شب از درد بیچاره خوابش نبرد
به خیل اندرش دختری بود خرد
She was harsh to her father and showed temper hot;
Saying, ” You, too, at least, have got teeth, have you not?
After weeping, the man of unfortunate day,
Said, smiling, “Oh mistress with heart-lighting ray!
پدر را جفا کرد و تندی نمود
که آخر تو را نیز دندان نبود؟
پس از گریه مرد پراگنده روز
بخندید کای مامک دلفروز
Although I was also superior in pow’r,
I restrained my desire and my teeth at that hour.
Did a sword cleave my head, yet, I never could think
That my teeth in the foot of a dog I should sink.
مرا گر چه هم سلطنت بود و بیش
دریغ آمدم کام و دندان خویش
محال است اگر تیغ بر سر خورم
که دندان به پای سگ اندر برم
Towards no-bodies, exercise meanness you can;
But a dog never yet has come out of a man.”
توان کرد با ناکسان بدرگی
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