Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that in Wakhsh one of noble estate,
Concealed in the nook of retirement did wait.
In heart a recluse, not a saint in rags dressed,
Who stretches to people the hand of request.
شنیدم که در خاک وخش از مهان
یکی بود در کنج خلوت نهان
مجرد به معنی نه عارف به دلق
که بیرون کند دست حاجت به خلق
Felicity’s door was for him opened wide
In his face, closed the doors of all others beside.
An ignorant sycophant tried all he could
To revile, out of rudeness, the man who was good.
سعادت گشاده دری سوی او
در از دیگران بسته بر روی او
زبان آوری بیخرد سعی کرد
ز شوخی به بد گفتن نیکمرد
“Beware of those subtle deceivers! ” he said,
“Who are seated, like demons, in Solomon’s stead.
At all times, like cats, they are washing their face,
Yet eager to hunt all the mice in the place.
که زنهار از این مکر و دستان و ریو
بجای سلیمان نشستن چو دیو
دمادم بشویند چون گربه روی
طمع کرده در صید موشان کوی
For Pride and Repute’s sake, abstemious they are
For a drum being empty is heard from afar.”
While speaking, the people a multitude grew;
Men and women amusing themselves at the two.
ریاضت کش از بهر نام و غرور
که طبل تهی را رود بانگ دور
همی گفت و خلقی بر او انجمن
برایشان تفرج کنان مرد و زن
I have heard that the learned man of Wakhsh wept a deal,
Saying, ” Lord ! cause this person repentance to feel!
And if he speak truly, Oh God, the most pure!
Vouchsafe me repentance, lest death I endure!
شنیدم که بگریست دانای وخش
که یارب مراین شخص را توبه بخش
وگر راست گفت ای خداوند پاک
مرا توبه ده تا نگردم هلاک
If I ferreted out my own faults, it were well,
For my bad disposition can all of them tell.”
If you’re all that your enemy says, do not grieve!
And if you are not, say, ” Oh wind weigher, leave! “
پسند آمد از عیب جوی خودم
که معلوم من کرد خوی بدم
گر آنی که دشمنت گوید، مرنج
وگر نیستی، گو برو باد سنج
That foetid is musk if a blockhead should say,
Be at ease! for he speaks in a meaningless way.
And although this condition in onions may grow,
‘Tis their nature, say, ” Do not a foetid brain show!
اگر ابلهی مشک را گنده گفت
تو مجموع باش او پراگنده گفت
وگر میرود در پیاز این سخن
چنین است گو گنده مغزی مکن
  نگیرد خردمند روشن ضمیر
زبان بند دشمن ز هنگامه گیر
It accords not with wisdom and reason and thought,
That the learned by a juggler’s deceit should be caught.
نه آیین عقل است و رای خرد
که دانا فریب مشعبد خورد
He who wisely employed at his own work is found,
Has the backbiting tongue of his enemy bound.
Let your conduct be good, and consistent your walk,
That your foe of your faults may be powerless to talk!
پس کار خویش آنکه عاقل نشست
زبان بداندیش بر خود ببست
تو نیکو روش باش تا بد سگال
نیابد به نقص تو گفتن مجال
Since severe to your heart comes the word of a foe,
Do not harshness to those who are under you show!
چو دشوار آمد ز دشمن سخن
نگر تا چه عیبت گرفت آن مکن
I know of no person who speaks in my praise,
Save the man who exposes my culpable ways.
جز آن کس ندانم نکو گوی من
که روشن کند بر من آهوی من


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