Story on repose after difficulty حکایت در معنی آسانی پس از دشواری

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

By the vet’rans of affable speech, I’ve been told,
That there dwelt in this city a man very old.
He had seen many monarchs and times and decrees,
And had lived since the days of the great Amralis.
شنیدم ز پیران شیرین سخن
که بود اندر این شهر پیری کهن
بسی دیده شاهان و دوران و امر
سرآورده عمری ز تاریخ عمرو
The withered, old tree had a fruit, fresh and sweet,
With the fame of whose beauty the town was replete.
In the chin of that charmer a wonder was shown,
For an apple has never on cypress-tree grown.
درخت کهن میوه تازه داشت
که شهر از نکویی پرآوازه داشت
عجب در زنخدان آن دل فریب
که هرگز نبودهست بر سرو سیب
On account of his mirth and the torture he spread,
His father found pleasure in shaving his head.
The old life of short hope, with a razor’s keen blade,
The head of his son like the sun’s surface made.
ز شوخی و مردم خراشیدنش
فرج دید در سر تراشیدنش
به موسی، کهن عمر کوته امید
سرش کرد چون دست موسی سپید
From its sharpness, the steel that from stone, once, hac sprung,
On the fault of the fairy-cheek fastened its tongue.
The razor that ‘gainst his rare beauty transgressed,
Had its head, then, within its own belly depressed.
ز سر تیزی آن آهنین دل که بود
به عیب پریرخ زبان برگشود
به مویی که کرد از نکوییش کم
نهادند حالی سرش در شکم
Like a harp, very bashful, the pretty-faced head
Hung down, and the fall’n hair around it was spread.
To a person, whose heart had inclined to the child,
When his heart-fettered eyes grew distracted and wild,
چو چنگ از خجالت سر خوبروی
نگونسار و در پیشش افتاده موی
یکی را که خاطر در او رفته بود
چو چشمان دلبندش آشفته بود
Some one said, “You have suffered oppression and pain;
Do not flit round this fanciful passion again!
Turn your back, like the moth, from his love that appears,
For his candle of beauty’s extinguished with shears.”
کسی گفت جور آزمودی و درد
دگر گرد سودای باطل مگرد
ز مهرش بگردان چو پروانه پشت
که مقراض، شمع جمالش بکشت
The lover astute gave a harrowing yell;
Saying, “Fickle engagements with profligates dwell
It is right that the son be good-natured and fair;
Let the father in ignorance cut off his hair!
برآمد خروش از هوادار چست
که تردامنان را بود عهد سست
پسر خوش منش باید و خوبروی
پدر گو به جهلش بینداز موی
My soul with his friendship is thoroughly mixed;
My heart to his hair’s not suspended or fixed”
When you own a good face, let not sorrow remain!
For although the hair falls it will grow in again. 
مرا جان به مهرش برآمیختهست
نه خاطر به مویی در آویختهست
چو روی نکوداری انده مخور
که موی ار بیفتد بروید دگر
The vine will not always a ripe cluster show;
It may either throw leaves or to fruit it may go.
Great men drop ‘neath a veil, like the sun’s brilliant ball;
Like a live coal in water the envious fall
نه پیوسته رز خوشه تر دهد
گهی برگ ریزد، گهی بر دهد
بزرگان چو خور در حجاب اوفتند
حسودان چو اخگر در آب اوفتند
The sun by degrees from the cloud will arise,
And under the water the live ember dies.
Oh agreeable friend, for the darkness don’t care!
Who knows but the water of life may be there?
برون آید از زیر ابر آفتاب
به تدریج و اخگر بمیرد در آب
ز ظلمت مترس ای پسندیده دوست
که ممکن بود کاب حیوان در اوست
Did not Earth, after trembling, composure acquire?
Did not Sadi make journeys to gain his desire?
At defeated desires, burn your head not with thought!
Night pregnant with daylight, oh brother, you’ve got!
نه گیتی پس از جنبش آرام یافت؟
نه سعدی سفر کرد تا کام یافت؟
دل از بی مرادی به فکرت مسوز
شب آبستن است ای برادر به روز


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