On the Beneficial Results of a Small Favour حکایت نتایج سودمند کار نیک کوچک

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A youth, with a Dang, had a kindness supplied;
An old man’s desire, he had once gratified.
By Heaven, for a crime, he was suddenly bound
The king sent him off to the gibbeting-ground.  
  جوانی به دانگی کرم کرده بود
تمنای پیری بر آورده بود
به جرمی گرفت آسمان ناگهش
فرستاد سلطان به کشتنگهش
From doors, streets and roofs, folk were viewing in groups
The clamouring mob and careering of troops.
When, in midst of the tumult, the old Dervish saw
The youth the crowd’s captive and doomed by the law,
تگاپوی ترکان و غوغای عام
تماشا کنان بر در و کوی و بام
چو دید اندر آشوب، درویش پیر
جوان را به دست خلایق اسیر
His heart for the poor, gen’rous victim was grieved,
For once by his hand had his heart been relieved.
He uttered a wail that the king was no more;
“The world he has left — a good nature he bore ”  
دلش بر جوانمرد مسکین بخست
که باری دل آورده بودش به دست
برآورد زاری که سلطان بمرد
جهان ماند و خوی پسندیده برد
He was wringing his hands, in apparent distress;
The troops with their sabres drawn, heard his address.
به هم بر همیسود دست دریغ
شنیدند ترکان آهخته تیغ
A noise of lamenting from all of them rose;
On their heads, face, and shoulders, they dealt them -selves blows.
They hurried on foot to the Royal Court door,
And saw the king sit on his throne, as before.  
به فریاد از ایشان برآمد خروش
تپانچه زنان بر سر و روی و دوش
پیاده بسر تا در بارگاه
دویدند و بر تخت دیدند شاه
The young man escaped and the old man was drawn
By the neck, as a captive, before the king’s throne.
With daunting and threat’ning, the sultan inquired —:
“In reporting me dead, by what aim were you fired?  
جوان از میان رفت و بردند پیر
به گردن بر تخت سلطان اسیر
بهولش بپرسید و هیبت نمود
که مرگ منت خواستن بر چه بود؟
In my nature both goodness and uprightness lie,
In spite of that, why did you wish me to die” ?
The courageous old man raised his voice, in this way —:
“On thou, whom the whole of the world must obey!
چو نیک است خوی من و راستی
بد مردم آخر چرا خواستی؟
برآورد پیر دلاور زبان
که ای حلقه در گوش حکمت جهان
By the statement, untrue, that the sultan was dead,
You yet live, and one, helpless, escaped with his head “.
This story so greatly astonished the king,
That he gave him a present and said not a thing.
به قول دروغی که سلطان بمرد
نمردی و بیچارهای جان ببرد
ملک زین حکایت چنان بر شکفت
که جرمش ببخشید و چیزی نگفت
Then, stumbling and rising, the helpless young man,
Away in a state of bewilderment ran.
A man from the square of requital, thus spake — :
“How did you deliver your life from the stake”?
وز این جانب افتان و خیزان جوان
همی رفت بیچاره هر سو دوان
یکی گفتش از چار سوی قصاص
چه کردی که آمد به جانت خلاص؟
“Oh intelligent asker!” he breathed in his ear,
“By a man and a Dang from the noose I got clear “.
For this reason a man in the ground casts the seed;
That he may gather fruit, in the season of need.
به گوشش فرو گفت کای هوشمند
به جانی و دانگی رهیدم ز بند
یکی تخم در خاک ازان مینهد
که روز فرو ماندگی بر دهد
One grain may the greatest misfortune restrain;
Great Ogg, you perceive, was by Moses’ staff slain.
The Chosen One’s saying is true, you can tell,
That bestowing and goodness misfortune repel.
جوی باز دارد بلائی درشت
عصایی شنیدی که عوجی بکشت
حدیث درست آخر از مصطفاست
که بخشایش و خیر دفع بلاست
You won’t see an enemy’s foot in this place,
Where the conquering Bu-Bakar-Sdd shows his face.
A world gets delight through your presence and grace;
A world, saying, “Joy ever be in your face I”
عدو را نبینی در این بقعه پای
که بوبکر سعدست کشور خدای
بگیر ای جهانی به روی تو شاد
جهانی، که شادی به روی تو باد
Not a man in your reign on another can tread;
The thorn does not harass the rose in its bed.
You’re the shade of the favour of God o’er the ground;
You resemble the prophet, in mercy profound.
کس از کس به دور تو باری نبرد
گلی در چمن جور خاری نبرد
تویی سایه لطف حق بر زمین
پیمبر صفت رحمهالعالمین
What although a man may not your worth realize?
The Great Night of Pow’r, too, he can’t recognize.
تو را قدر اگر کس نداند چه غم؟
شب قدر را میندانند هم


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