Story ON THE QUALITIES OF A GOOD WIFE گفتار اندر پرورش زنان و ذکر صلاح و فساد ایشان

Story ON THE QUALITIES OF A GOOD WIFE گفتار اندر پرورش زنان و ذکر صلاح و فساد ایشان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A wife who is charming, obedient, and chaste,
Makes a king of the man knowing poverty’s taste.
Go! and boast by the beat of five drums at your gate,
That you have by your side an agreeable mate!
زن خوب فرمانبر پارسا
کند مرد درویش را پادشا
برو پنج نوبت بزن بر درت
چو یاری موافق بود در برت
If, by day, sorrow trouble you, be not distressed!
“When, by night, a grief-soother reclines on your breast!
When a man’s house is thriving, his wife friendly too,
Towards him is directed God’s merciful view.
همه روز اگر غم خوری غم مدار
چو شب غمگسارت بود در کنار
کرا خانه آباد و همخوابه دوست
خدا را به رحمت نظر سوی اوست
When a lovely-faced woman is modest and nice,
Her husband on seeing her tastes Paradise.
The man in this world his heart’s longing has found,
Whose wife and himself are in harmony bound.
چو مستور باشد زن و خوبروی
به دیدار او در بهشت است شوی
کسی بر گرفت از جهان کام دل
که یک‌دل بود با وی آرام دل
If choice in her language and chaste in her ways,
On her beauty or ugliness fix not your gaze!
For the heart by an amiable wife’s more impressed,
Than by one of great personal beauty possessed;
اگر پارسا باشد و خوش سخن
نگه در نکویی و زشتی مکن
A sociable nature is hostile to strife,
And covers a number of faults in a wife.
زن خوش منش دل نشان تر که خوب
که آمیزگاری بپوشد عیوب
A demon-faced wife, if good-natured withal,
From a bad-tempered, pretty one bears off the ball.
She vinegar sips like liqueur from her spouse,
And eats not her sweetmeats with vinegar brows.
ببرد از پری چهره زشت خوی
زن دیو سیمای خوش طبع، گوی
چو حلوا خورد سرکه از دست شوی
نه حلوا خورد سرکه اندوده روی
An agreeable wife is a joy to the heart,
But, oh God! from a wicked one keep me apart!
As a parrot shut up with a crow shows its rage,
And deems it a boon to escape from the cage;
دلارام باشد زن نیک خواه
ولیکن زن بد، خدایا پناه!
چو طوطی کلاغش بود هم نفس
غنیمت شمارد خلاص از قفس
So, to wander about on the Earth, turn your face!
If you do not, your heart upon helplessness place!
Better bare-footed walk than in tight-shoes to roam
Better travel’s misfortune than fighting at home.
سر اندر جهان نه به آوردگی
وگرنه بنه دل به بیچارگی
تهی پای رفتن به از کفش تنگ
بلای سفر به که در خانه جنگ
In the magistrate’s jail better captive to be,
Than a face, full of frowns, in your dwelling to see.
A journey is y Eed x to the head of the house,
Who has in his home a malevolent spouse.
به زندان قاضی گرفتار به
که در خانه دیدن بر ابرو گره
سفر عید باشد بر آن کدخدای
که بانوی زشتش بود در سرای
The door of delight on that mansion shut to!
Whence issues with shrillness the voice of a shrew!
The woman addicted to gadding, chastise!
If you don’t; sit at home like a wife! I advise.
در خرمی بر سرایی ببند
که بانگ زن از وی برآید بلند
چون زن راه بازار گیرد بزن
وگرنه تو در خانه بنشین چو زن
If a wife disregard what her husband should say,
In her breeches of stibial hue, him, array!
When a woman is foolish and false to your bed,
To misfortune, and not to a wife, you are wed.
اگر زن ندارد سوی مرد گوش
سراویل کحلیش در مرد پوش
زنی را که جهل است و ناراستی
بلا بر سر خود نه زن خواستی
When a man in a measure of barley will cheat,
You may wash your hands clear of the store of his wheat.
The Lord had the good of that servant in view,
When he made his wife’s heart and her hands to him true.
چو در کیله یک جو امانت شکست
از انبار گندم فرو شوی دست
بر آن بنده حق نیکویی خواسته است
که با او دل و دست زن راست است
When a woman has smiled in the face of strange men,
Bid her husband not boast of his manhood again!
When an impudent wife dips her hand in disgrace,.
Go! and tell her to scratch her lord’s cuckoldy face!  
چو در روی بیگانه خندید زن
دگر مرد گو لاف مردی مزن
زن شوخ چون دست در قلیه کرد
برو گو بنه پنجه بر روی مرد
May the eyes of a wife, to all strangers be blind!
When she strays from her home — to the grave be consigned!
When you find that a wife is on fickleness bent,
With wisdom and reasoning, rest not content!
چو بینی که زن پای بر جای نیست
ثبات از خردمندی و رای نیست
Fly away from her bosom! much better to face
A crocodile’s mouth, than to live in disgrace.
گریز از کفش در دهان نهنگ
که مردن به از زندگانی به ننگ
To conceal a wife’s face from a stranger, you need;
What are husband and wife, if she fails to give heed?
A fine, buxom wife is a trouble and charge;
A wife who is ugly and cross, set at large!
بپوشانش از چشم بیگانه روی
وگر نشنود چه زن آنگه چه شوی
زن خوب خوش طبع رنج است و بار
رها کن زن زشت ناسازگار
How well this one saying two people expressed,
Whose minds at the hands of their wives were distressed!
چه نغز آمد این یک سخن زان دوتن
که بودند سرگشته از دست زن
One remarked, “May no man to a vixen be bound! ”
Said the other, “On Earth may no women be found! ”
یکی گفت کس را زن بد مباد
دگر گفت زن در جهان خود مباد
Oh friend! take a bride evry spring that ensues!
For a past season’s almanac no one will use.
Some wives are tyrannical, head-strong and bold,
But are pleased when they share your embrace, I am told.
زن نو کن ای دوست هر نوبهار
که تقویم پاری نیاید بکار
Oh Sadi, go to I do not jeer at his life!
When you see that a man is henpecked by his wife.
کسی را که بینی گرفتار زن
مکن سعدیا طعنه بر وی مزن
You, too, are oppressed and her load you abide,
If once you invite her to come to your side!
تو هم جور بینی و بارش کشی
اگر یک سحر در کنارش کشی


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