Story of the idolater and the idol حکایت بت پرست نیازمند

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

From the world an idolater shut off his face,
And to worship his idol was always in place.
Fate, after some years, to that reprobate wretch
A difficult matter did suddenly fetch.
مغی در به روی از جهان بسته بود
بتی را به خدمت میان بسته بود
پس از چند سال آن نکوهیده کیش
قضا حالتی صعبش آورد پیش
At the idol’s feet, hoping that good might be gained,
On the dust of the temple he, helpless, complained:
“Oh, idol! I’m helpless; assistance I claim!
I am greatly exhausted, oh, pity my frame! “
به پای بت اندر به امید خیر
بغلطید بیچاره بر خاک دیر
که درماندهام دست گیر ای صنم
به جان آمدم رحم کن بر تنم
He many a time in its presence bewailed,
But in getting his matter adjusted, he failed
Say, when will an idol one’s business effect,
That to drive off a fly from itself can’t elect?
بزارید در خدمتش بارها
که هیچش به سامان نشد کارها
بتی چون برآرد مهمات کس
که نتواند از خود براندن مگس؟
”Oh thou, on whose foot error’s fetter appears,
In folly, I’ve worshipped for several years!
The business that presses before me, complete!
If you don’t, the All-cherishing God, I’ll entreat! “
برآشفت کای پای بند ضلال
به باطل پرستیدمت چند سال
مهمی که در پیش دارم برآر
وگرنه بخواهم ز پروردگار
He was still with the idol, his face smeared with dust,
When his wish was fulfilled by the God we all trust
A knower of truths at this work showed surprise;
The time of his clearness seemed dark in his eyes.
هنوز از بت آلوده رویش به خاک
که کامش برآورد یزدان پاک
حقایق شناسی در این خیره شد
سر وقت صافی بر او تیره شد
For a mean and bewildered one worshipping God,
Still drunk with the wine of the idol-abode —
Heart and head still with error and perfidy fraught,
Through God, had accomplished the object he sought!
که سرگشتهای دون یزدان پرست
هنوزش سر از خمر بتخانه مست
دل از کفر و دست از خیانت نشست
خدایش برآورد کامی که جست
To this difficult matter his heart he resigned,
When a message arrived at the ear of his mind:
“In front of this idol, this foolish ‘one grieved,
And said rtiany words that had not been received;
فرو رفته خاطر در این مشکلش
که پیغامی آمد به گوش دلش
که پیش صنم پیر ناقص عقول
بسی گفت و قولش نیامد قبول
Were he forced from my shrine, also, hopeless to plod,
How far would it be from an idol to God? “
Your heart on the Lord, then, oh friend, you must bind
All others, more feeble than idols, you’ll find-
گر از درگه ما شود نیز رد
پس آنگه چه فرق از صنم تا صمد؟
دل اندر صمد باید ای دوست بست
که عاجزترند از صنم هر که هست
Place your head at this portal, and happen it can’t,
That your hand should return to you empty, from want
Oh God I we have come, of our failures to tell;
We have come to Thee sinners, and hopeful, as well
محال است اگر سر بر این در نهی
که باز آیدت دست حاجت تهی
خدایا مقصر به کار آمدیم
تهیدست و امیدوار آمدیم


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