A parable illustrating the fact that

A parable illustrating the fact that (mystical) bewilderment prevents investigation and consideration. مثل در بیان آنک حیرت مانع بحث و فکرتست

آن یکی مرد دومو آمد شتاب پیش یک آیینه دار مستطاب
A certain man, whose hair was of two colours, came in haste to a highly esteemed barber.
گفت از ریشم سپیدی کن جدا که عروس نو گزیدم ای فتی
He said, “Remove the hoariness from my beard, for I have chosen a new bride, O young man.”
ریش او ببرید و کل پیشش نهاد گفت تو بگزین مرا کاری فتاد
He cut off his beard and laid the whole of it before him, and said, “Do thou pick out (the white hairs), for it happens that I have some important business.”
این سال وآن جوابست آن گزین که سر اینها ندارد درد دین
That “pick (them) out” is dialectic, for religious emotion has no care for these things (hair-splitting disputes).
آن یکی زد سیلیی مر زید را حمله کرد او هم برای کید را
A certain man slapped Zayd on the neck; he (Zayd) at once rushed at him with warlike purpose.
گفت سیلی‌زن سالت می‌کنم پس جوابم گوی وانگه می‌زنم
The assailant said, “I will ask thee a question, so answer me (first) and then strike me.
بر قفای تو زدم آمد طراق یک سالی دارم اینجا در وفاق
I struck the nape of thy neck, and there was the sound of a slap: at this point I have a question (to ask thee) in concord:
این طراق از دست من بودست یا از قفاگاه تو ای فخر کیا
Was this sound caused by my hand or by the nape of thy neck, O pride of the noble?”
گفت از درد این فراغت نیستم که درین فکر و تفکر بیستم
He (Zayd) said, “On account of the pain I have no leisure to stop (occupy myself) in this reflection and consideration.
تو که بی‌دردی همی اندیش این نیست صاحب‌درد را این فکر هین
Do thou, who art without pain, ponder on this; he that feels the pain has no such thought. Take heed!”




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