Returning to the Story of the prince

Returning to the Story of the prince who was smitten by a (mortal) blow from the heart of the King and departed from this world before he was fully endowed with the other (spiritual) excellences. رجوع کردن بدان قصه کی شاه‌زاده بدان طغیان زخم خورد از خاطر شاه پیش از استکمال فضایل دیگر از دنیا برفت

قصه کوته کن که رای نفس کور برد او را بعد سالی سوی گور
Abridge the tale: after a year (had passed) the indignation of that jealous one (the King of China) brought him (the prince) to the grave.
شاه چون از محو شد سوی وجود چشم مریخیش آن خون کرده بود
When the King emerged from the state of self-effacement (mahw) into consciousness, (he found that) his martial eye had wrought that bloodshed.
چون به ترکش بنگرید آن بی‌نظیر دید کم از ترکشش یک چوبه تیر
When the peerless (King) looked at his quiver he perceived that one arrow was missing from his quiver.
گفت کو آن تیر و از حق باز جست گفت که اندر حلق او کز تیر تست
He said (to himself), “Where is that arrow?” and requested God (to inform him). He (God) replied, “In his (the prince’s) throat, for ’tis by thy arrow (that he has been slain).”
عفو کرد آن شاه دریادل ولی آمده بد تیر اه بر مقتلی
The King, whose heart was like an ocean, pardoned him; but, alas, the arrow had struck a vital spot.
کشته شد در نوحه‌ی او می‌گریست اوست جمله هم کشنده و هم ولیست
He was slain, and the King wept in mourning for him, (for) he (the King) is all: he is both the slayer and the next of kin;
ور نباشد هر دو او پس کل نیست هم کشنده‌ی خلق و هم ماتم‌کنیست
For if he be not both, then he is not all; (but) he is both the slayer of people and a mourner (for them). 
شکر می‌کرد آن شهید زردخد کان بزد بر جسم و بر معنی نزد
(Meanwhile) the pale-cheeked martyr was thanking (God) that it (the arrow) had smitten his body and had not smitten that which is real.
جسم ظاهر عاقبت خود رفتنیست تا ابد معنی بخواهد شاد زیست
The visible body is doomed to go at last, (but) that which is real (the pure spirit) shall live rejoicing for ever.
آن عتاب ار رفت هم بر پوست رفت دوست بی‌آزار سوی دوست رفت
If that punishment was inflicted, yet it fell only on the skin: the lover went unscathed to the Beloved.
گرچه او فتراک شاهنشه گرفت آخر از عین الکمال او ره گرفت
Although he laid hold of the Emperor’s saddle-strap, (yet) in the end he was (only) admitted (to union with his Beloved) by the eye whose glances kill.
و آن سوم کاهل‌ترین هر سه بود صورت و معنی به کلی او ربود
And the third (brother) was the laziest of the three: he won (the prize) completely the form (appearance) as well as the reality.




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