Account of the conception

Account of the conception of evil fancies by those deficient in understanding.ذکرخیال بد اندیشیدن قاصر فهمان

پیش از آنک این قصه تا مخلص رسد دود و گندی آمد از اهل حسد
Ere this tale reaches the conclusion, there comes from the envious a vapour of stench.
من نمی‌رنجم ازین لیک این لگد خاطر ساده‌دلی را پی کند
I am not pained by it, but this kick may break the nerve of a simple-hearted man’s mind.
خوش بیان کرد آن حکیم غزنوی بهر محجوبان مثال معنوی
Well did the Sage of Ghazna set forth the (following) spiritual parable for the sake of those who are veiled (from perception of the truth),
که ز قرآن گر نبیند غیر قال این عجب نبود ز اصحاب ضلال
(Saying) that if one see in the Qur’án naught but words, this is not surprising on the part of them that have lost the (right) way,
کز شعاع آفتاب پر ز نور غیر گرمی می‌نیابد چشم کور
Since the eye of the blind is sensible of naught but heat from the beams of the luminous sun.
خربطی ناگاه از خرخانه‌ای سر برون آورد چون طعانه‌ای
Suddenly a great booby popped his head out of an ass-stable, like a railing woman,
کین سخن پستست یعنی مثنوی قصه پیغامبرست و پی‌روی
(Saying) that this discourse, namely, the Mathnawí, is low; (that) it is the story of the Prophet and (consists of) imitation;
نیست ذکر بحث و اسرار بلند که دوانند اولیا آن سو سمند
(That) there is no mention of (theosophical) investigation and the sublime mysteries towards which the saints make their steeds gallop;
از مقامات تبتل تا فنا پایه پایه تا ملاقات خدا
(That) from the stations of asceticism to the passing away (from self-existence), step by step up to union with God,
شرح و حد هر مقام و منزلی که بپر زو بر پرد صاحب‌دلی
(It contains not) the explanation and definition of every station and stage, so that by means of the wings thereof a man of heart (a mystic) should soar.
چون کتاب الله بیامد هم بر آن این چنین طعنه زدند آن کافران
When the Book of God (the Qur’án) came (down), the unbelievers railed likewise at it too,
که اساطیرست و افسانه‌ی نژند نیست تعمیقی و تحقیقی بلند
Saying, “It is (mere) legends and paltry tales; there is no profound inquiry and lofty speculation;
کودکان خرد فهمش می‌کنند نیست جز امر پسند و ناپسند
The little children understand it; ’tis naught but things approved and disapproved.
ذکر یوسف ذکر زلف پر خمش ذکر یعقوب و زلیخا و غمش
The account of Joseph, the account of his curly locks, the account of Jacob and Zalíkhá and her passion.
ظاهرست و هرکسی پی می‌برد کو بیان که گم شود در وی خرد
It is plain, and every one finds the way (to its meaning): where is the exposition in which the intellect becomes lost?”
گفت اگر آسان نماید این به تو این چنین آسان یکی سوره بگو
He (God) said, “If this seems easy to thee, say (compose) one Súra (in the style that is) so ‘easy’ as this (Qur’án).
جنتان و انستان و اهل کار گو یکی آیت ازین آسان بیار
Let the Jinn and mankind and the skilled among you produce a single verse of this ‘easy’ (style).”




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