The remainder of the story

The remainder of the story

The remainder of the story of the guest of that guest-killing mosque, and his firmness and sincerity.باقی قصه‌ی مهمان آن مسجد مهمان کش و ثبات و صدق او

آن غریب شهر سربالا طلب گفت می‌خسپم درین مسجد بشب
That high-aspiring stranger to the town said, “I will sleep in this mosque at night.
مسجدا گر کربلای من شوی کعبه‌ی حاجت‌روای من شوی
O mosque, if thou become my Karbalá, thou wilt be the Ka’ba that fulfils my need.
هین مرا بگذار ای بگزیده دار تا رسن‌بازی کنم منصوروار
Hark, give me leave, O chosen house, that I may perform a rope-dance, like Mansúr (Halláj)!
گر شدیت اندر نصیحت جبرئیل می‌نخواهد غوث در آتش خلیل
If in counselling (me) ye have become (as) Gabriel, (yet) Khalíl (Abraham) will not crave succour in the fire.
جبرئیلا رو که من افروخته بهترم چون عود و عنبر سوخته
Begone, O (thou who art like) Gabriel, for, having been kindled (with the flame of love), I, like aloes-wood and ambergris, am better (when) burnt.
جبرئیلا گر چه یاری می‌کنی چون برادر پاس داری می‌کنی
O Gabriel, although thou art helping and guarding (me) like a brother,
ای برادر من بر آذر چابکم من نه آن جانم که گردم بیش و کم
(Yet), O brother, I am eager for the fire: I am not that (animal) spirit, that I should become more and (then) less.”
جان حیوانی فزاید از علف آتشی بود و چو هیزم شد تلف
The animal spirit is increased by fodder: it (the animal spirit) was a fire and was consumed like firewood.
گر نگشتی هیزم او مثمر بدی تا ابد معمور و هم عامر بدی
Had it not become firewood, it would have been fruitful: it would have prospered unto everlasting and would have caused prosperity.
باد سوزانت این آتش بدان پرتو آتش بود نه عین آن
Know that this fire is a burning wind: it is a ray of fire, not the essence thereof.
عین آتش در اثیر آمد یقین پرتو و سایه‌ی ویست اندر زمین
Assuredly the essence of fire is in the aether: on the earth there is (only) its ray and shadow (reflexion).
لاجرم پرتو نپاید ز اضطراب سوی معدن باز می‌گردد شتاب
Of necessity, the ray, on account of quivering, does not endure: it is speedily returning to its source.
قامت تو بر قرار آمد بساز سایه‌ات کوته دمی یکدم دراز
Your stature is normally invariable, (but) your shadow is now short, now long.
زانک در پرتو نیابد کس ثبات عکسها وا گشت سوی امهات
Inasmuch as no one finds permanence in the ray, (all) the reflexions return to (their) origins.
هین دهان بر بند فتنه لب گشاد خشک آر الله اعلم بالرشاد
Hark, close thy mouth: Mischief has opened its lips. Dry up! God best knoweth the right way.




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