Comparison of the Guarded Tablet

Comparison of the Guarded Tablet, and the perception there from by every individual’s mind of his daily fate and portion and lot, to the daily perception (of the Divine decree) by Gabriel, on whom be peace, from the Most Great Tablet. تمثیل لوح محفوظ و ادراک عقل هر کسی از آن لوح آنک امر و قسمت و مقدور هر روزه‌ی ویست هم چون ادراک جبرئیل علیه‌السلام هر روزی از لوح اعظم عقل مثال جبرئیلست و نظر او به تفکر به سوی غیبی که معهود اوست در تفکر و اندیشه‌ی کیفیت معاش و بیرون شو کارهای هر روزینه مانند نظر جبرئیلست در لوح و فهم کردن او از لوح

چون ملک از لوح محفوظ آن خرد
هر صباحی درس هر روزه برد
Like the Angel, the intellect receives (reads) every morning its daily lesson from the Guarded Tablet.
بر عدم تحریرها بین بی‌بنان
و از سوادش حیرت سوداییان
Behold the inscriptions made without (use of) fingers upon non-existence and the amazement of the madmen at the blackness of them.
هر کسی شد بر خیالی ریش گاو
گشته در سودای گنجی کنج‌کاو
Every one is infatuated with some phantasy and digs in corners in mad desire for a (buried) treasure.
از خیالی گشته شخصی پرشکوه
روی آورده به معدنهای کوه
By a phantasy one person is filled with (desire for) magnificence and turns his face towards the mines (of precious ore) in the mountains;
وز خیالی آن دگر با جهد مر
رو نهاده سوی دریا بهر در
And, (inspired) by a phantasy, another sets his face with bitter toil towards the sea for the sake of pearls;
وآن دگر بهر ترهب در کنشت
وآن یکی اندر حریصی سوی کشت
And another (goes) into a church to perform religious exercises, while another (betakes himself) to sowing in his greed (for gain).
از خیال آن ره‌زن رسته شده
وز خیال این مرهم خسته شده
Through phantasy that one becomes the waylayer (destroyer) of him who has escaped (unhurt); and through phantasy this (other) becomes the salve (deliverer) of him who has been (sorely) wounded.
در پری‌خوانی یکی دل کرده گم
بر نجوم آن دیگری بنهاده سم
One loses his soul in the invocation of demons, while another sets his foot upon the stars.
این روشها مختلف بیند برون
زان خیالات ملون ز اندرون
He (the observer) sees that these modes of action in the external world are diverse (since they arise) from the various phantasies within.
این در آن حیران شده کان بر چیست
هر چشنده آن دگر را نافیست
This man (engaged in some occupation) is amazed at that man (occupied with something else) and says, “What is he about?” Every taster denies the other (whose taste is different).
آن خیالات ار نبد نامتلف
چون ز بیرون شد روشها مختلف
Unless those phantasies were incongruous, how did the modes of action become diverse externally?
قبله‌ی جان را چو پنهان کرده‌اند
هر کسی رو جانبی آورده‌اند
Since the qibla (the true object) of the soul has been hidden, every one has turned his face to a (different) quarter.




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