Commentary on the Tradition of Mustafá

Commentary on the Tradition of Mustafá

Commentary on the Tradition of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, that the Qur’án hath an exterior (sense) and an interior (sense), and that its interior (sense) hath an interior (sense), (and so on) to seven interior (senses).تفسیر این خبر مصطفی علیه السلام کی للقران ظهر و بطن و لبطنه بطن الی سبعة ابطن

حرف قرآن را بدان که ظاهریست زیر ظاهر باطنی بس قاهریست
Know that the words of the Qur’án have an exterior (sense), and under the exterior (sense) an interior (sense), exceedingly overpowering;
زیر آن باطن یکی بطن سوم که درو گردد خردها جمله گم
And beneath that inward (sense) a third interior (sense), wherein all intellects become lost.
بطن چارم از نبی خود کس ندید جز خدای بی‌نظیر بی‌ندید
The fourth interior (sense) of the Qur’án none hath perceived at all, except God the peerless and incomparable.
تو ز قرآن ای پسر ظاهر مبین دیو آدم را نبیند جز که طین
In the Qur’án do not thou, O son, regard (only) the exterior: the Devil regards Adam as naught but clay.
ظاهر قرآن چو شخص آدمیست که نقوشش ظاهر و جانش خفیست
The exterior (sense) of the Qur’án is like a man’s person, for his features are visible, while his spirit is hidden.
مرد را صد سال عم و خال او یک سر مویی نبیند حال او
A man’s paternal and maternal uncles (may see him) for a hundred years, and of his (inward) state not see (so much as) the tip of a hair.




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