Conclusion of (the story)

Conclusion of (the story)

Conclusion of (the story) how the (other) retainers envied the favourite slave. تتمه‏ ی حسد آن حشم بر آن غلام خاص‏

قصه‏ی شاه و امیران و حسد
بر غلام خاص و سلطان خرد
The story of the King and the amírs and their envy of the favourite slave and lord of wisdom
دور ماند از جر جرار کلام
باز باید گشت و کرد آن را تمام‏
Has been left far (behind) on account of the powerful attraction of the discourse.(Now) we must turn back and conclude it.
باغبان ملک با اقبال و بخت
چون درختی را نداند از درخت‏
The happy and fortunate gardener of the (Divine) kingdom how should not he know one tree from another?
آن درختی را که تلخ و رد بود
و آن درختی که یکش هفصد بود
The tree that is bitter and reprobate, and the tree whose one is (as) seven hundred (of the other).
کی برابر دارد اندر تربیت
چون ببیندشان به چشم عاقبت‏
How, in rearing (them), should he deem (them) equal, when he beholds them with the eye (that is conscious) of the end,
کان درختان را نهایت چیست بر
گر چه یکسانند این دم در نظر
(And knows) what (different) fruit those trees will ultimately bear, though at this moment they are alike in appearance’?
شیخ کاو ینظر بنور الله شد
از نهایت وز نخست آگاه شد
The Shaykh who has become seeing by the light of God has become acquainted with the end and the beginning.
چشم آخر بین ببست از بهر حق
چشم آخر بین گشاد اندر سبق‏
He has shut for God’s sake the eye that sees the stable the world); he has opened, in priority, the eye that sees the en .
آن حسودان بد درختان بوده‏اند
تلخ گوهر شور بختان بوده‏اند
Those envious ones were bad trees; they were ill-fortuned ones of bitter stock.
از حسد جوشان و کف می‏ریختند
در نهانی مکر می‏انگیختند
They were boiling and foaming with envy, and were starting plots m secret,
تا غلام خاص را گردن زنند
بیخ او را از زمانه بر کنند
That they might behead the favourite slave and tear up his root from the world;
چون شود فانی چو جانش شاه بود
بیخ او در عصمت الله بود
(But) how should he perish, since the King was his soul, and his root was under the protection of God?
شاه از آن اسرار واقف آمده
همچو بو بکر ربابی تن زده‏
The King had become aware of those secret thoughts, (but) like Bú Bakr-i Rabábí he kept silence.
در تماشای دل بد گوهران
می‏زدی خنبک بر آن کوزه‏گران‏
In (viewing) the spectacle of the hearts of (those) evil-natured ones he was clapping his hands (derisively) at those potters (schemers).
مکر می‏سازند قومی حیله‏مند
تا که شه را در فقاعی در کنند
Some cunning people devise stratagems to get the King into a beer-jug;
پادشاهی بس عظیمی بی‏کران
در فقاعی کی بگنجد ای خران‏
(But) a King (so) exceedingly grand and illimitable how should He be contained in a beer jug, O asses?
از برای شاه دامی دوختند
آخر این تدبیر از او آموختند
They knitted a net for the King; (yet) after all, they (had) learnt this contrivance from Him.
نحس شاگردی که با استاد خویش
همسری آغازد و آید به پیش‏
Ill-starred is the pupil that begins rivalry with his master and comes forward (to contend with him).
با کدام استاد استاد جهان
پیش او یکسان و هویدا و نهان‏
With what master? The master of the world, to whom the manifest and the occult are alike;
چشم او ینظر بنور الله شده
پرده‏های جهل را خارق بده‏
Whose eyes have become seeing by the light of God and have rent the veils of ignorance.
از دل سوراخ چون کهنه گلیم
پرده‏ای بندد به پیش آن حکیم‏
(Making) a veil of (his) heart, (which is as) full of holes as an old blanket, he (the disciple) puts it on in the presence of that Sage.
پرده می‏خندد بر او با صد دهان
هر دهانی گشته اشکافی بر آن‏
The veil laughs at him with a hundred mouths, every mouth having become a slit (open) to that (master). [The veil laughs at him with a hundred mouths, every mouth having become (like) a slit (vulva) in the thighs (of a woman).]
گوید آن استاد مر شاگرد را
ای کم از سگ نیستت با من وفا
The master says to the disciple, “O you who are less than a dog, have you no faithfulness to me?
خود مرا استا مگیر آهن گسل
همچو خود شاگرد گیر و کوردل‏
Even suppose I am not a master and an iron-breaker, suppose I am a disciple like yourself and blind of heart,
نه از منت یاری است در جان و روان
بی‏منت آبی نمی‏گردد روان‏
Have not you help in spirit and mind from me? Without me no water is set flowing for you.
پس دل من کارگاه بخت تست
چه شکنی این کارگاه ای نادرست‏
Therefore my heart is the factory of your fortune: why would you break this factory, O unrighteous one?”
گویی‏اش پنهان زنم آتش زنه
نه به قلب از قلب باشد روزنه‏
You may say that you kindle the flame (of rivalry) against him in secret (not openly); but is there not a window between heart and heart?
آخر از روزن ببیند فکر تو
دل گواهی می‏دهد زین ذکر تو
After all, he sees your thought through the window: your heart gives testimony as to what you are meditating.
گیر در رویت نمالد از کرم
هر چه گویی خندد و گوید نعم‏
Suppose that, from kindness, he does not rebuke you to your face, (and that) whatever you say, he smiles and says “Yes”
او نمی‏خندد ز ذوق مالشت
او همی‏خندد بر آن اسگالشت‏
He does not smile from pleasure at your stroking (flattering him); he smiles at that (concealed) thought of yours.
پس خداعی را خداعی شد جزا
کاسه زن کوزه بخور اینک سزا
So a deceit is paid with a deceit: strike with a cup, (and you) get struck with a jug serve you right!
گر بدی با تو و را خنده‏ی رضا
صد هزاران گل شکفتی مر ترا
Were his smile at you one of approval, hundreds of thousands of flowers would blossom for you.
چون دل او در رضا آرد عمل
آفتابی دان که آید در حمل‏
When his heart works (for you) in approval, deem it (to be) a sun entering Aries,
زو بخندد هم نهار و هم بهار
در هم آمیزد شکوفه و سبزه‏زار
Because of whom both the day and the spring smile, and blossoms and green fields are mingled together,
صد هزاران بلبل و قمری نوا
افکنند اندر جهان بی‏نوا
And myriads of nightingales and ringdoves pour their song into the unplenished world.
چون که برگ روح خود زرد و سیاه
می‏ببینی چون ندانی خشم شاه‏
When you see the leaves of your spirit yellow and black; how know you not the anger of the King?
آفتاب شاه در برج عتاب
می‏کند روها سیه همچون کباب‏
The King’s sun, in the (zodiacal) sign of reproach, makes faces black as a piece of roasted meat.
آن عطارد را ورقها جان ماست
آن سپیدی و آن سیه میزان ماست‏
Our souls are leaves for that Mercury (to write on): that white and black (writing) is our standard (criterion).
باز منشوری نویسد سرخ و سبز
تا رهند ارواح از سودا و عجز
Again, he writes a patent in red and green, that (our) spirits may be delivered from melancholy and despair.
سرخ و سبز افتاد نسخ نو بهار
چون خط قوس و قزح در اعتبار
Red and green are Spring’s cancellation (of winter); in regard (to their significance they are) like the (coloured) lines of the rainbow.




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