Story of the ascetic who, notwithstanding his destitution

Story of the ascetic who, notwithstanding his destitution and numerous family, was rejoicing and laughing in a year of drought whilst the people were dying of hunger. They said to him, “What is the occasion for joy? It is an occasion for a hundred mournings.” “For me at any rate ’tis not (so),” he replied. حکایت آن زاهد کی در سال قحط شاد و خندان بود با مفلسی و بسیاری عیان و خلق می‌مردند از گرسنگی گفتندش چه هنگام شادیست کی هنگام صد تعزیت است گفت مرا باری نیست

هم‌چنان کن زاهد اندر سال قحط
بود او خندان و گریان جمله رهط
Even as (for example) that ascetic was laughing in a year of drought, while all (his) folk were weeping. 
پس بگفتندش چه جای خنده است
قحط بیخ ممنان بر کنده است
So they said to him, “What is the occasion for laughter, (when) the drought has uprooted (destroyed) the true believers?
رحمت از ما چشم خود بر دوختست
ز آفتاب تیز صحرا سوختست
The (Divine) mercy hath closed its eyes to us: the plain is burnt by the fierce sun.
کشت و باغ و رز سیه استاده است
در زمین نم نیست نه بالا نه پست
Crops and vineyards and vines are standing black: there is no moisture in the earth, neither up nor down.
خل می‌میرند زین قحط و عذاب
ده ده و صد صد چو ماهی دور از آب
The people are dying from this drought and torment by tens and hundreds like fish far from the water.
بر مسلمانان نمی‌آری تو رحم
ممنان خویشند و یک تن شحم و لحم
Thou art taking no pity on the Moslems; (yet) the true believers are kinsmen and one body (of) fat and flesh.
رنج یک جزوی ز تن رنج همه‌ست
گر دم صلحست یا خود ملحمه‌ست
The pain of one part of the body is the pain of all (its parts), whether it be the hour of peace or war.”
گفت در چشم شما قحطست این
پیش چشمم چون بهشتست این زمین
He (the ascetic) replied, “In your eyes this is a drought, (but) to my eye this earth is like Paradise.
من همی‌بینم بهر دشت و مکان
خوشه‌ها انبه رسیده تا میان
I am beholding in every desert and everywhere ears of corn in abundance, reaching up to the waist;
خوشه‌ها در موج از باد صبا
پر بیابان سبزتر از گندنا
(I see) the wilderness full of ears of corn (tossed) in waves by the east-wind, (so that it is) greener than the leek.
ز آزمون من دست بر وی می‌زنم
دست و چشم خویش را چون بر کنم
By way of trial I am putting my hand thereon: how should I remove my hand and eye?
یار فرعون تنید ای قوم دون
زان نماید مر شما را نیل خون
Ye are friends of Pharaoh, (who is) the body, O base people: hence the Nile seems to you to be blood.
یار موسی خرد گردید زود
تا نماند خون بینید آب رود
Quickly become friends of Moses, (who is) the intellect, in order that the blood may remain not and ye may behold the river-water.
با پدر از تو جفایی می‌رود
آن پدر در چشم تو سگ می‌شود
(If) an injustice is proceeding from (is being done by) thee towards thy father, that father will become (as) a (biting) cur in thine eyes.
آن پدر سگ نیست تاثیر جفاست
که چنان حرمت نظر را سگ نماست
That father is not a cur: ’tis the effect of (thy) injustice that such mercy appears to thy sight (as) a cur.
گرگ می‌دیدند یوسف را به چشم
چونک اخوان را حسودی بود و خشم
Since the brethren (of Joseph) had envy and anger, they were regarding Joseph as the wolf.
با پدر چون صلح کردی خشم رفت
آن سگی شد گشت بابا یار تفت
When thou hast made peace with thy father, anger is gone; that currishness departs, and thy father at once becomes thy friend.




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