Description of the luxuriance

Description of the luxuriance of the city of the Sabaeans and their ingratitude. صفت خرمی شهر اهل سبا و ناشکری ایشان

اصلشان بد بود آن اهل سبا می‌رمیدندی ز اسباب لقا
Their fundamental (nature) was bad: those inhabitants of Sabá were recoiling from the means (which lead) to meeting (with God);
دادشان چندان ضیاع و باغ و راغ از چپ و از راست از بهر فراغ
(Yet) He gave them so many estates and orchards and meadowlands, on the left hand and the right, for (their) leisure (pastime and diversion).
بس که می‌افتاد از پری ثمار تنگ می‌شد معبر ره بر گذار
Inasmuch as the fruit was falling (to the ground) from abundance, there was no room for any one to pass on the road,
آن نثار میوه ره را می‌گرفت از پری میوه ره‌رو در شگفت
(For) the scattered largesse of fruit would block the way: the wayfarer (would be) in amazement at the plenty of the fruit.
سله بر سر در درختستانشان پر شدی ناخواست از میوه‌فشان
In their groves, through the dropping of the fruit, a basket on the head would be filled involuntarily.
باد آن میوه فشاندی نه کسی پر شدی زان میوه دامنها بسی
The breeze would scatter the fruit, not (the hand of) any one: by that fruit a multitude of skirts would be filled.
خوشه‌های زفت تا زیر آمده بر سر و روی رونده می‌زده
Huge clusters, having come low down, would strike against the head and face of the wayfarer.
مرد گلخن‌تاب از پری زر بسته بودی در میان زرین کمر
On account of the plenty of gold a bath-stoker might have tied a golden belt on his waist.
سگ کلیچه کوفتی در زیر پا تخمه بودی گرگ صحرا از نوا
The dogs would trample buns underfoot; the desert wolf would have indigestion from the (rich) food.
گشته آمن شهر و ده از دزد و گرگ بز نترسیدی هم از گرگ سترگ
Town and village had become safe from robbers and wolves; the goat was not afraid even of the fierce wolf.
گر بگویم شرح نعمتهای قوم که زیادت می‌شد آن یوما بیوم
If I explain (all) the blessings bestowed upon the people (of Sabá), which were increasing day by day,
مانع آید از سخنهای مهم انبیا بردند امر فاستقم
It will hinder (me) from (speaking of) important matters. The prophets brought (to the Sabaeans) the (Divine) command, namely, “Do thou, therefore, be righteous.”




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