Explaining that (ritual)

Explaining that (ritual) prayer and fasting and all (such) external things are witnesses to the inner light. بیان آنک نماز و روزه و همه چیزهای برونی گواهیهاست بر نور اندرونی

این نماز و روزه و حج و جهاد
هم گواهی دادنست از اعتقاد
This (ritual) prayer and fasting and pilgrimage and holy war are the attestation of the (inward) belief.
این زکات و هدیه و ترک حسد
هم گواهی دادنست از سر خود
The giving of alms and presents and the abandonment of envy are the attestation of one’s secret thoughts.
خوان و مهمانی پی اظهار راست
کای مهان ما با شما گشتیم راست
Dishes of food and hospitality are for the purpose of declaring that “we, O noble (guests), have become in true accord with you.”
هدیه‌ها و ارمغان و پیش‌کش
شد گواه آنک هستم با تو خوش
Gifts and presents and offerings bear witness (saying implicitly), “I am pleased with thee.”
هر کسی کوشد به مالی یا فسون
چیست دارم گوهری در اندرون
(If) any one exerts himself in (giving) money or in conjuration, what is (the meaning of) it? (He means to say), “I have a jewel within.
گوهری دارم ز تقوی یا سخا
این زکات و روزه در هر دو گوا
I have a jewel, namely, abstinence or generosity”: this alms-giving and fasting are witnesses in regard to both (these qualities).
روزه گوید کرد تقوی از حلال
در حرامش دان که نبود اتصال
Fasting says (implicitly), “He has abstained from what is lawful: know (therefore) that he has no connexion with what is unlawful”;
وان زکاتش گفت کو از مال خویش
می‌دهد پس چون بدزدد ز اهل کیش
And his alms-giving said (implicitly), “He gives of his own property: how, then, should he steal from the religious?”
گر بطراری کند پس دو گواه
جرح شد در محکمه‌ی عدل اله
If he act as a cutpurse (from self-interest), then the two witnesses are invalidated in the court of Divine justice.
هست صیاد ار کند دانه نثار
نه ز رحم و جود بل بهر شکار
He is a fowler if he scatter grain not from mercy and munificence but in order to catch (the birds).
هست گربه‌ی روزه‌دار اندر صیام
خفته کرده خویش بهر صید خام
He is a cat keeping the fast and feigning to be asleep at fast-time for the purpose of (seizing) his ignorant prey.
کرده بدظن زین کژی صد قوم را
کرده بدنام اهل جود و صوم را
By this unrighteousness he makes a hundred parties (of people) suspicious, he causes the generous and abstinent to be in ill repute.
فضل حق با این که او کژ می‌تند
عاقبت زین جمله پاکش می‌کند
(But) notwithstanding that he weaves crookedly, in the end the grace of God will purge him of all this (hypocrisy). 
سبق برده رحمتش وان غدر را
داده نوری که نباشد بدر را
His (God’s) mercy takes precedence (over His wrath) and bestows on that treachery (hypocrisy) a light that the full-moon does not possess.
کوششش را شسته حق زین اختلاط
غسل داده رحمت او را زین خباط
God cleanses his effort of this contamination: the (Divine) Mercy washes him clean of this folly.
تا که غفاری او ظاهر شود
مغفری کلیش را غافر شود
In order that His great forgivingness may be made manifest, a helmet (of forgiveness) will cover his (the hypocrite’s) baldness.
آب بهر این ببارید از سماک
تا پلیدان را کند از خبث پاک
The water rained from heaven, that it might cleanse the impure of their defilement.




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