Explanation of the envy of the vizier

Explanation of the envy of the vizier بیان حسد وزیر

آن وزیرک از حسد بودش نژاد
تا به باطل گوش و بینی باد داد
That petty vizier had his origin from envy, so that for vanity he gave to the wind (sacrificed) his ears and nose,

بر امید آن که از نیش حسد
زهر او در جان مسکینان رسد
In the hope that by the sting of envy his venom might enter the souls of the poor (Christians).
هر کسی کاو از حسد بینی کند
خویشتن بی‌‌گوش و بی‌‌بینی کند
Any one who from envy mutilates his nose makes himself without ear and without nose (unable to apprehend spiritual things).
بینی آن باشد که او بویی برد
بوی او را جانب کویی برد
The nose is that which catches a scent, and which the scent leads towards an abode (of spiritual truth).
هر که بویش نیست بی‌‌بینی بود
بوی آن بوی است کان دینی بود
Whoever hath no scent is without a nose; the scent (referred to) is that scent which is religious.
چون که بویی برد و شکر آن نکرد
کفر نعمت آمد و بینیش خورد
When he has caught a scent and given no thanks for it, (that) ingratitude comes and devours his nose (deprives him of the organ of spiritual perception).

شکر کن مر شاکران را بنده باش
پیش ایشان مرده شو پاینده باش‌‌
Give thanks (to God) and be a slave to those who give thanks: be in their presence (as one) dead, be steadfast.

چون وزیر از ره زنی مایه مساز
خلق را تو بر میاور از نماز
Do not, like the vizier, make brigandage your stock-in-trade; do not turn the people away from the ritual prayer.
ناصح دین گشته آن کافر وزیر
کرده او از مکر در لوزینه سیر
The miscreant vizier had become (in appearance) a true religious counsellor, (but) he had craftily put garlic in the walnut cake.


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