How hands and feet and tongue give evidence

How hands and feet and tongue give evidence concerning the secret of the wicked, even in this world. گواهی دادن دست و پا و زبان بر سر ظالم هم در دنیا

پس همینجا دست و پایت در گزند بر ضمیر تو گواهی می‌دهند
Even here, then, your hands and feet, in (doing) harm, bear witness to your conscience.
چون موکل می‌شود برتو ضمیر که بگو تو اعتقادت وا مگیر
Since your (evil) conscience becomes (as) an overseer to you and says, “Speak! Do not keep back your belief,”
خاصه در هنگام خشم و گفت و گو می‌کند ظاهر سرت را مو بمو
And, especially at times of anger and quarrelling, makes manifest your secret thought, hair by hair;
چون موکل می‌شود ظلم و جفا که هویدا کن مرا ای دست و پا
Since wrong and injustice become your overseer and say, “Display me, O hands and feet,”
چون همی‌گیرد گواه سر لگام خاصه وقت جوش و خشم و انتقام
And since the (evil conscience which bears) witness to the secret thought seizes the reins in particular at times of emotion and anger and revenge.
پس همان کس کین موکل می‌کند تا لوای راز بر صحرا زند
That One, then, who appoints this (conscience) as overseer, that ‘it may unfurl the banner of the secret on the field.
پس موکلهای دیگر روز حشر هم تواند آفرید از بهر نشر
(Surely), then, He can also create, on the Day of Judgement, other overseers for the purpose of unfolding (the secret thoughts).
ای بده دست آمده در ظلم و کین گوهرت پیداست حاجت نیست این
O thou who hast entered most recklessly upon (a course of) injustice and malice, thy true nature is evident: this (advertisement of it) is not needed.
نیست حاجت شهره گشتن در گزند بر ضمیر آتشینت واقف‌اند
It is not necessary to become celebrated for (doing) harm: they (who possess discernment) are acquainted with thy fiery (hellish) conscience.
نفس تو هر دم بر آرد صد شرار که ببینیدم منم ز اصحاب نار
Thy fleshly soul every moment emits a hundred sparks, saying, “Behold me! I am of the people of the Fire.
جزو نارم سوی کل خود روم من نه نورم که سوی حضرت شوم
I am a part of the Fire: I go to my whole; I am not (composed of) light, so that I should go to the Lord”
همچنان کین ظالم حق ناشناس بهر گاوی کرد چندین التباس
Even as this unjust and ungrateful man wrought so much confusion (made such a great disturbance) for the sake of a cow.
او ازو صد گاو برد و صد شتر نفس اینست ای پدر از وی ببر
He carried off from him (the defendant) a hundred cows and a hundred camels this (wickedness) is the fleshly soul: O father, cut yourself asunder from it.
نیز روزی با خدا زاری نکرد یا ربی نامد ازو روزی بدرد
Besides, never once did he make humble supplication to God: never once did a cry of “O Lord!” come from him in sorrow.
کای خدا خصم مرا خشنود کن گر منش کردم زیان تو سود کن
“O God, content my adversary: if I have inflicted loss upon him (yet) do Thou bestow profit (upon me)!
گر خطا کشتم دیت بر عاقله‌ست عاقله‌ی جانم تو بودی از الست
If T killed him by mistake, the (payment of the) blood-price falls on my kin: Thou hast been my spirit’s kin from (the Day of) Alast.”
سنگ می‌ندهد به استغفار در این بود انصاف نفس ای جان حر
He (God) does not give (worthless) stones in return for the pearls of contrition (nay), this, O noble spirit, is the justice of the fleshly soul.




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