Explanation of the Tradition

Explanation of the Tradition, “Verily, they (women) prevail over the wise man, and the ignorant man prevails over them” در بیان این خبر که انهن یغلبن العاقل و یغلبهن الجاهل‌‌

گفت پیغمبر که زن بر عاقلان
غالب آید سخت و بر صاحب دلان‌‌
The Prophet said that woman prevails exceedingly over the wise and intelligent,
باز بر زن جاهلان چیره شوند
ز آن که ایشان تند و بس خیره روند
(While), on the other hand, ignorant men prevail over woman, because they are fierce and very impudent in their behaviour.
کم بودشان رقت و لطف و وداد
ز آن که حیوانی است غالب بر نهاد
They lack tenderness, kindness, and affection, because animality predominates over their (human) nature.
مهر و رقت وصف انسانی بود
خشم و شهوت وصف حیوانی بود
Love and tenderness are human qualities, anger and lust are animal qualities.
پرتو حق است آن معشوق نیست
خالق است آن گوییا مخلوق نیست‌‌
She (woman) is a ray of God, she is not that (earthly) beloved: she is creative, you might say she is not created.




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