How ‘Á’isha may God be well

How ‘Á’isha may God be well-pleased with her! said to Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, “Thou performest the prayer anywhere, without a prayer carpet. How is that?” گفتن عایشه مصطفی را علیه السلام که تو بی‏مصلا به هر جا نماز می‏کنی چون است‏

عایشه روزی به پیغمبر بگفت
یا رسول الله تو پیدا و نهفت‏
One day ‘Á’isha said to the Prophet, “O Messenger of Allah, openly and secretly
هر کجا یابی نمازی می‏کنی
می‏دود در خانه ناپاک و دنی‏
Thou performest a prayer in whatever place thou mayst find, (even whilst) unclean and low (people) are running about in the house;
مستحاضه و طفل و آلوده‏ی پلید
کرد مستعمل به هر جا که رسید
Although thou knowest that any dirty child makes unclean every place he comes to.”
گفت پیغمبر که از بهر مهان
حق نجس را پاک گرداند بدان‏
The Prophet said, “Know that God makes impure (things) pure for the (spiritually) great.
سجده‏گاهم را از آن رو لطف حق
پاک گردانید تا هفتم طبق‏
On that account the grace of God has made my place of worship to be pure (everywhere, even) up to the seventh tier (of Heaven).”
هان و هان ترک حسد کن با شهان
ور نه ابلیسی شوی اندر جهان‏
Beware and beware! Cease from envying the (spiritual) kings, else you will become a devil in the world.
کاو اگر زهری خورد شهدی شود
تو اگر شهدی خوری زهری بود
For if he drink poison, it turns to honey; (but) if you eat honey, it is poison (to you);
کاو بدل گشت و بدل شد کار او
لطف گشت و نور شد هر نار او
For he has been changed, and his action has been changed: he has become the Grace (of God), and every fire in him has been turned into Light.
قوت حق بود مر بابیل را
ور نه مرغی چون کشد مر پیل را
The abábíl (swifts) had the power of God (in them); else, how should a bird kill an elephant?
لشکری را مرغکی چندی شکست
تا بدانی کان صلابت از حق است‏
A number of little birds broke an (entire) army so that you may know that that strength is from God.
گر تو را وسواس آید زین قبیل
رو بخوان تو سوره‏ی اصحاب فیل‏
If temptation of this kind come to you, go, read the Súra concerning the Possessors of the Elephant.
ور کنی با او مری و همسری
کافرم دان گر تو ز ایشان سر بری‏
And if you contend and engage in rivalry with him (the saint), deem me an infidel if you save your head from them.




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