How David gave judgement against

How David gave judgement against the owner of the cow, bidding him withdraw from the case concerning the cow; and how the owner of the cow reproached David, on whom be peace. حکم کردن داود بر صاحب گاو کی از سر گاو برخیز و تشنیع صاحب گاو بر داود علیه السلام

گفت داودش خمش کن رو بهل این مسلمان را ز گاوت کن بحل
David said to him, “Be silent! Go, abandon (your claim), and acquit this Moslem of (responsibility for) your cow.
چون خدا پوشید بر تو ای جوان رو خمش کن حق ستاری بدان
Inasmuch as God has thrown a veil over you (concealed your guilt), O youth, depart and keep silence and acknowledge the obligation of (giving thanks to God for His) concealment.”
گفت وا ویلی چه حکمست این چه داد از پی من شرع نو خواهی نهاد
He cried, “Oh, woe is me! What judgement is this, what justice? Wilt thou establish a new law on my account?
رفته است آوازه‌ی عدلت چنان که معطر شد زمین و آسمان
The fame of thy justice has gone so far that earth and heaven have become fragrant (with the scent thereof).
بر سگان کور این استم نرفت زین تعدی سنگ و که بشکافت تفت
This wrong has never been done (even) to blind dogs; rock and mountain are burst asunder of a sudden by this iniquity.”
همچنین تشنیع می‌زد برملا کالصلا هنگام ظلمست الصلا
In such fashion was he uttering reproaches publicly, crying, “Hark ye, ‘tis the time of injustice, hark ye!”




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