How David went into seclusion

How David went into seclusion in order that the truth might be made manifest. در خلوت رفتن داود تا آنچ حقست پیدا شود

در فرو بست و برفت آنگه شتاب سوی محراب و دعای مستجاب
He shut the door, and then went quickly to the prayer-niche and (betook himself to) the invocation that is answered (by God).
حق نمودش آنچ بنمودش تمام گشت واقف بر سزای انتقام
God revealed the entire matter to him’ he became aware of him that was (really) deserving of punishment.
روز دیگر جمله خصمان آمدند پیش داود پیمبر صف زدند
Next day all the litigants came and formed ranks before David.
همچنان آن ماجراها باز رفت زود زد آن مدعی تشنیع زفت
Thus the questions (left) in dispute came up again: the plain tiff at once uttered violent reproaches.




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