How each element attracts

How each element attracts its congener that has been imprisoned in the human constitution by the non-homogeneous (elements).جذب هر عنصری جنس خود را کی در ترکیب آدمی محتبس شده است به غیر جنس

خاک گوید خاک تن را باز گرد ترک جان کن سوی ما آ همچو گرد
Earth says to the earth of the body, “Return! Take leave of the spirit, come to me like the dust.
جنس مایی پیش ما اولیتری به که زان تن وا رهی و زان تری
Thou art my congener, thou art more suited (to be) with me: ’tis better that thou shouldst escape from that body and that moisture.”
گوید آری لیک من پابسته‌ام گرچه همچون تو ز هجران خسته‌ام
It answers, “Yes; but I am fettered, although like thee I am weary of separation.”
تری تن را بجویند آبها کای تری باز آ ز غربت سوی ما
The waters seek the moisture of the body, saying, “O moisture, come back to us from exile.”
گرمی تن را همی‌خواند اثیر که ز ناری راه اصل خویش گیر
The aether is calling the heat of the body, saying, “Thou art of fire: take the way to thy origin.”
هست هفتاد و دو علت در بدن از کششهای عناصر بی رسن
There are two-and-seventy diseases in the body, (caused) by the elements pulling without cord.
علت آید تا بدن را بسکلد تا عناصر همدگر را وا هلد
Disease comes to shatter the body, so that the elements may abandon each other.
چار مرغ‌اند این عناصر بسته‌پا مرگ و رنجوری و علت پاگشا
These elements are four birds with their legs tied (together): death and sickness and disease loose their legs.
پایشان از همدگر چون باز کرد مرغ هر عنصر یقین پرواز کرد
When it (death) has released their legs from one another, assuredly every bird-element flies away.
جذبه‌ی این اصلها و فرعها هر دمی رنجی نهد در جسم ما
The pull between these originals and derivatives continually implants some pain in our bodies,
تا که این ترکیبها را بر درد مرغ هر جزوی به اصل خود پرد
In order that it may rend these coalitions asunder (and that) each part, like a bird, may fly to its home;
حکمت حق مانع آید زین عجل جمعشان دارد بصحت تا اجل
(But) Divine Providence hinders them from this hastening and keeps them together in health till the appointed term,
گوید ای اجزا اجل مشهود نیست پر زدن پیش از اجلتان سود نیست
And says, “O parts, the term is not certainly known (to you): ’tis useless for you to take wing before the term.”
چونک هر جزوی بجوید ارتفاق چون بود جان غریب اندر فراق
Inasmuch as every part (of the body) seeks support, what must be the state of the soul, a stranger, in separation (from its home)?




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