How he (the Prophet) miraculously filled

How he (the Prophet) miraculously filled the slave’s water-skin with water from the Unseen World and made the face of that negro slave white by permission of God most High. مشک آن غلام ازغیب پر آب کردن بمعجزه و آن غلام سیاه را سپیدرو کردن باذن الله تعالی

ای غلام اکنون تو پر بین مشک خود تا نگویی درشکایت نیک و بد
“O slave, now behold thy water-skin full (of water), that thou mayst not say (anything) good or bad in complaint.”
آن سیه حیران شد از برهان او می‌دمید از لامکان ایمان او
The negro was astounded at his (the Prophet’s) evidentiary miracle: his faith was dawning from (the world of) non-spatiality.
چشمه‌ای دید از هوا ریزان شده مشک او روپوش فیض آن شده
He saw that a fountain had begun to pour from the air (of yonder world) and that his water-skin had become a veil to the emanation of that (fountain).
زان نظر روپوشها هم بر درید تا معین چشمه‌ی غیبی بدید
The veils also were rent by that (illumined) sight (of his), so that he distinctly beheld the fountain of the Unseen.
چشمها پر آب کرد آن دم غلام شد فراموشش ز خواجه وز مقام
Thereupon the slave’s eyes were filled with tears: he forgot his master and his dwelling-place.
دست و پایش ماند از رفتن به راه زلزله افکند در جانش اله
Strength failed him to go on his way: God cast a mighty commotion into his soul.
باز بهر مصلحت بازش کشید که به خویش آ باز رو ای مستفید
Then again he (the Prophet) drew him back for (his) good, saying, “Come to thyself; return, O thou who wilt gain advantage (by doing so).
وقت حیرت نیست حیرت پیش تست این زمان در ره در آ چالاک و چست
Tis not the time for bewilderment: bewilderment is in front of thee; just now advance on thy way briskly and speedily.”
دستهای مصطفی بر رو نهاد بوسه‌های عاشقانه بس بداد
He (the slave) laid the hands of Mustafá (Mohammed) on his face and gave (them) many loving kisses.
مصطفی دست مبارک بر رخش آن زمان مالید و کرد او فرخش
Then Mustafá rubbed his blessed hand on his (the slave’s) face and made it fortunate.
شد سپید آن زنگی و زاده‌ی حبش همچو بدر و روز روشن شد شبش
That Abyssinian negro became white as the full moon, and his night turned into bright day.
یوسفی شد در جمال و در دلال گفتش اکنون رو بده وا گوی حال
He became a Joseph in beauty and in coquetry: he (the Prophet) said to him, “Now go home and relate what has befallen thee.”
او همی‌شد بی سر و بی پای مست پای می‌نشناخت در رفتن ز دست
He was going along, without head or foot, intoxicated (with ecstasy): in going he knew not foot from hand.
پس بیامد با دو مشک پر روان سوی خواجه از نواحی کاروان
Then from the neighbourhood of the caravan he came hastening with two full water-skins to his master.




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