How for the second time

How for the second time the boys made the master imagine (that he was ill), saying that their recitation of the Qur’án would increase his headache. دوم بار وهم افکندن کودکان استاد را کی او را از قرآن خواندن ما درد سر افزاید

گفت آن زیرک که ای قوم پسند درس خوانید و کنید آوا بلند
The clever boy said, “O good fellows, recite the lesson and make your voices loud.”
چون همی‌خواندند گفت ای کودکان بانگ ما استاد را دارد زیان
When they were reciting (loudly), he said, “Boys, the noise we are making will do the master harm.
درد سر افزاید استا را ز بانگ ارزد این کو درد یابد بهر دانگ
The master’s headache will be increased by the noise: is it worth while that he should suffer pain for the sake of (a few) pence?”
گفت استا راست می‌گوید روید درد سر افزون شدم بیرون شوید
The master said, “He is speaking the truth: depart. My headache is worse: go out (of the house)!”




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