How the beasts objected to the proposal

How the beasts objected to the proposal

How the beasts objected to the proposal of the hare اعتراض نخجیران بر سخن خرگوش‌‌

قوم گفتندش که ای خر گوش دار
خویش را اندازه‌‌ی خرگوش دار
The company (of beasts) said to him: “O donkey, listen (to us)! Keep thyself within the measure of a hare!
هین چه لاف است این که از تو بهتران
در نیاوردند اندر خاطر آن‌‌
Eh, what brag is this—(an idea) which thy betters never brought into their minds?
معجبی یا خود قضامان در پی است
ور نه این دم لایق چون تو کی است‌‌
Thou art self-conceited, or Destiny is pursuing us; else, how is this speech suitable to one like thee?


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