Comparison of Pharaoh and his pretence

Comparison of Pharaoh and his pretence of divinity to the jackal which pretended to be a peacock. تشبیه فرعون و دعوی الوهیت او بدان شغال کی دعوی طاوسی می‌کرد

همچو فرعونی مرصع کرده ریش برتر از عیسی پریده از خریش
Thou art even as Pharaoh, who bejeweled his beard and in his asinine folly soared higher than Jesus.
او هم از نسل شغال ماده زاد در خم مالی و جاهی در فتاد
He too was born of the generation of the she-jackal and fell into a vat of riches and power.
هر که دید آن جاه و مالش سجده کرد سجده‌ی افسوسیان را او بخورد
Every one who beheld his power and riches bowed down to him in worship: he swallowed the worship of the idle mockers (worldlings).
گشت مستک آن گدای ژنده‌دلق از سجود و از تحیرهای خلق
That beggar in tattered cloak became miserably drunken with the people’s worship and feelings of amazement.
مال مار آمد که در وی زهرهاست و آن قبول و سجده‌ی خلق اژدهاست
Riches are a snake, for therein are poisons; and popular favour and worship is a dragon.
های ای فرعون ناموسی مکن تو شغالی هیچ طاووسی مکن
Ah, do not assume a virtue (which thou dost not possess), O Pharaoh: thou art a jackal, do not in any wise behave as a peacock.
سوی طاووسان اگر پیدا شوی عاجزی از جلوه و رسوا شوی
If thou appear in the direction of the peacocks, thou art in capable of (their) display and thou wilt be put to shame.
موسی و هارون چو طاووسان بدند پر جلوه بر سر و رویت زدند
Moses and Aaron were as peacocks: they flapped the wings of display upon thy head and face.
زشتیت پیدا شد و رسواییت سرنگون افتادی از بالاییت
Thy foulness and disgrace were exposed, thou didst fall head-long from thy height.
چون محک دیدی سیه گشتی چو قلب نقش شیری رفت و پیدا گشت کلب
When thou sawest the touchstone, thou becamest black, like adulterated coin: the leonine figure vanished, and the dog was revealed.
ای سگ‌گرگین زشت از حرص و جوش پوستین شیر را بر خود مپوش
O foul mangy dog, through greed and exuberant insolence do not clothe thyself in the lion’s skin.
غره‌ی شیرت بخواهد امتحان نقش شیر و آنگه اخلاق سگان
The roar of the lion will demand from thee the test (of thy sincerity). The figure of a lion , and then the dispositions of dogs!




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