How Moses was born

How Moses was born and how the officers came to ‘Imrán’s house and how it was divinely revealed to the mother of Moses that she should cast Moses into the fire. بوجود آمدن موسی و آمدن عوانان به خانه‌ی عمران و وحی آمدن به مادر موسی کی موسی را در آتش انداز

خود زن عمران که موسی برده بود دامن اندر چید از آن آشوب و دود
‘Imrán’s wife herself, who had brought Moses (with her), kept aloof from that turmoil and fume.
آن زنان قابله در خانه‌ها بهر جاسوسی فرستاد آن دغا
That villain (Pharaoh) sent the midwives into the houses for the purpose of spying.
غمز کردندش که اینجا کودکیست نامد او میدان که در وهم و شکیست
They gave information of her, saying, “Here is a child: she (his mother) did not come to the maydán: (make inquiry), for she is under suspicion and doubt.
اندرین کوچه یکی زیبا زنیست کودکی دارد ولیکن پرفنیست
In this street there is a comely woman: she has a child, but she is an artful one.”
پس عوانان آمدند او طفل را در تنور انداخت از امر خدا
Then the officers came: she, by the command of God, cast the child into the stove.
وحی آمد سوی زن زان با خبر که ز اصل آن خلیلست این پسر
From that omniscient One revelation came to the woman that this boy is of the stock of the Friend (of God),
عصمت یا نار کونی باردا لا تکون النار حرا شاردا
(And that) through the protection of (the Divine word), “O fire, be cool,” the fire will not be hot and untamed.
زن بوحی انداخت او را در شرر بر تن موسی نکرد آتش اثر
In consequence of the revelation the woman cast him amidst the sparks: the fire produced no effect on the body of Moses.
پس عوانان بی مراد آن سو شدند باز غمازان کز آن واقف بدند
Then the officers went away without having attained their object, (but) again the informers, who were aware of it,
با عوانان ماجرا بر داشتند پیش فرعون از برای دانگ چند
Raised an altercation with the officers before Pharaoh for the sake of (earning) some petty coins,
کای عوانان باز گردید آن طرف نیک نیکو بنگرید اندر غرف
Saying, “O officers, go back thither, and look very carefully in the upper rooms.”




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